Circa 1850 Super DeGooper
Circa 1850 Circa 1850 by Swing Paints
  • Circa 1850 Super DeGooper

Circa 1850 Super DeGooper

Circa 1850 Super DeGooper easily removes oil, grease, crayon, marker, tar, gum, labels, lipstick, latex paint, shoe polish, duct tape adhesive, glues, stickers, inks and more. Super DeGooper is safe to use on most plastics, wood, metal, glass, vinyl, brick, fiberglass and fabrics. Made by Swing Paints.
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Always test on inconspicuous area before using on plastics, painted surfaces. Apply Super DeGooper to a cloth, blot, and rub lightly until spot is removed.

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BRAND: Circa 1850
Type: Wax and Grease Remover
5.0 3

It works without great


I used the Circa 1850 Super Degooper to remove that terrible road tar from my wife's car. I tried a small area first and it worked great without ruining the clearcoat finish on the car (it stayed shiny afterwards). I then did large areas and still no damage to the finish (still glossy and not flat). It worked for me and the car lost its black measle look.

Jake the Snake

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Outstanding product


I used this product on 15 year old carpet glue after removing the carpet in my bass boat. I had tried at least 5 other products with terrible results before reading about Super Degooper and they all just could not cut through the old glue.I tested Super Degooper in several ways from pouring straight onto old glue to wiping it with a rag onto areas and it seemed to work great no matter how it was applied.




This product is amazing


I used this product to remove old glue from an inflatable boat (zodiac) that I was doing a major repair on the floor. I tried 3 other products and none of them came even close, would'nt touch the glue. I put pn this product and rubbed with a rag and it rolled off the boat, Awesome.


Victoria Canada


Circa 1850 Super DeGooper



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