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ePaint ZO HP Series Antifouling Paint

ePaint ZO HP Series Antifouling Paints are high-performance bottom coatings designed for recreational, sail, and power vessels.

ZO HP Series paint uses advanced fluoro-polymer technology that results in a hard, scratch-resistant, lightweight surface that can easily be burnished to a smooth, sleek, racing-quality finish.

This paint is compatible over most existing hard bottom systems, safe for all hull types, and features no maximum coat-to-launch time.

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Like all ePaints, ZO HP paint is copper free and resists galvanic corrosion on metal surfaces and expensive running gear below the waterline. ePaint's patented photoactive technology and Zinc Omadine biocides prevent marine growth and will not harm the environment. It contains no copper or tin compounds and features reduced VOC emissions.

This paint is recommended for marine and freshwater immersion service, racing sailboats, powerboats with average operating speeds greater than 30 knots, boaters that desire reduced drag and increased fuel economy, and boats that are frequently hauled and launched by trailer.

Available in White or Gray and in multiple sizes.

See the Links Section for Technical Data Sheets and Easy Application Guides.

Below Water Line (yes/no): Yes
BRAND: ePaint
Type: Copper Free AF Paint
2.8 6

I Recommend to not buy this product


I use to use VC-17 it was better. I had to strip the old bottom paint off and I put there paint base coat on and had to put the ZO PH on before the base coat completely set up. I did every thing just as they said it should be done. When I pulled the boat in the fall it did not look any better than the boats that had VC-17. I sent the pictures to the manufacture. Only got lip service. The paint also will bubble up and come off over the winter. Even in the spring it may look good but will come right off on your roller, as you are rolling on more paint.The boat is raced midweek and used on weekends.All that said, I am still using ZO HP


Lake Erie


This is the best paint I have ever used.


Put on three coats. After 5 years it was still good. Sold the boat s I dont know the paints condition now.


South Texas Coast, very warm water.


Don't Waste Your Money - Practical Sailor was Wrong


I bought into Practical Sailor's hype about Epaint ZO and now have a disaster on my hands. I sail on Lake Champlain wanted a high quality paint that could be used on a sailboat for racing in fresh and salt water. I did my research, and bought E-Paint ZO HP and three coats of E-Prime epoxy barrier coat. Then I built a tent around my J37c, blasted off the old bottom with walnut shells, sanded down to bare fiberglass, de-waxed the gelcoat and applied the E-Prime and E-Paint exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions. The paint was very hard to work, E-Paint recommends spraying, but says that it can be rolled and brushed, which I did as I didn't have a sprayer. All in all, the bottom came out great. I put the boat in the water and the E-Paint performed beyond my expectations. At the end of the summer I jumped in to wash the bottom. There was almost no growth. There was wear around the waterline, which was exactly as expected from E-Paint's literature. Beautiful - I planned on writing a great review. Then the boat was hauled for the winter and the trouble began. When the paint dried as I was winterizing the boat, it started to chip off in spots. No big deal I thought, I'll just sand them out and paint again. Winter came and went, and the chipping became more extensive. I had a big sanding project on my hands. Still, I was optimistic. I started applying the new paint. Little tiny bubbles appeared immediately where the new paint came into contact with the old. The bubbles grew and spread like chicken pox. Worse than that, the old paint started to slough off on the roller right down to the epoxy barrier coat. The new paint was like paint stripper to the old paint. I tried to avoid the old paint as much as possible, and managed to paint over the bare spots and get the waterline done, but it is done badly. It is bumpy, full of chips and drips. It is not a racing bottom at all, and I dread the work next Spring. E-Paint ZO is horrible.


Lake Champlain, VT


Works well


We use this paint on our rudder in fresh water. Very little grows on it and it is easy to apply. We have used other paints in the past and there was always lots of stuff growing on the rudder, especially at the top. Not with this Epaint.


Lake Champlain


Going on 2 Years with No Growth!


Have had ePaint on my 40' Paul Luke built sloop for 2 years. Product is amazing! No growth after two seasons!

Capt. Bill

Friendship, ME



After considerable research decided to try Epaint. Followed manufacturers instructions to the letter. After six weeks paint was coming off, and all forms of marine growth had formed (barnacles, weeds, and slime). Had to short haul boat to repaint. DO NOT USE this stuff it is garbage.


Barrington, RI


ePaint ZO HP Series Antifouling Paint



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