Arco 12V / 85A Continuous Duty Relay
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  • Arco 12V / 85A Continuous Duty Relay

Arco 12V / 85A Continuous Duty Relay

The Arco R012 Relay is a continuous duty unit that replaces Volvo Penta type relays. ARCO Marine products directly replace original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, replace factory part numbers, and are made from high quality materials that resist corrosion for longer life.
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Many remote mount solenoids look identical on the outside.
However, they can be very different on the inside. Beside the different internal circuits, these can be rated for continuous duty or intermittent duty use.

Continuous duty solenoids are wound with very fine wire and draw very little amperage. The contacts in continuous duty solenoids will usually have a lower amperage rating than that of the intermittent duty type. These are normally used as tilt trim relays. This type of solenoid can also be used for a variety of applications where a remote relay is needed to power a motor or other device.

Intermittent duty solenoids are wound with much heavier wire and draw more amperage. The contacts have a very high amperage rating. If these stay energized for extended periods of time they heat up and eventually burn out the coil inside the solenoid. This type of solenoid is normally used as a starter motor relay.

Current: 12V DC
Type: Solenoids
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Excellent replacement for my R/V


This was a replacement for engine alternator chargeing of R/V house batterys wile driving and useing house batterys for a low engine starting battery


North Wales Pa


Arco 12V / 85A Continuous Duty Relay



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