Rule 2000 GPH Bilge Pumps
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  • Rule 2000 GPH Bilge Pumps

Rule 2000 GPH Bilge Pumps

Rule 2000 GPH Bilge Pumps are commercial grade, ignition protected and safe for installation aboard gasoline powered boats. They feature double-insulated long stack motors and double strainers for added protection. They are totally submersible and run 100 degrees cooler than other brands.

Rule Bilge Pumps have set the standard in the marine industry. They are the first choice of yachtsmen and professional commercial fishermen.

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  • Moisture tight seals
  • Compact, efficient, long lasting motors
  • Easy to clean, snap-lock strainer bases
  • Silent, vibrationless operation
  • Ignition and Anti-airlock protection
  • Stainless steel shafts
  • Rust and corrosion resistance
  • CE and ISO 8849 certifications
  • BRAND: Rule Industries
    Type: Bilge Pumps and Accessories
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    Commercial quality bilge pump


    This is a commercial quality pump and the only one I use. Commercial salmon fishing in Bristol Bay Alaska, i fish serious water where help may be hours away. I use one pump at the steerage box, one at the prop shaft box, and one under the cabin with both automatic and manual switches for each pump. I clean each pump after every delivery to the tenders (fish scales), and at the end of the season. I solder the wiring in place and waterproof the junction with 3M 5200. There have been no failures over 30 years. Good bilge pump.


    Egegik, Alaska


    Small package has better capacity.


    This will replace the original pump, it is much more efficient.


    Dayton, Ohio


    Dory bilge Pump


    Drains the footwell of my Dory. Love it,




    Rule 2000 GPH Bilge Pumps



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