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Smiths All Wood Glue

All Wood Glue, from the makers of CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer), will adhere not only oily hardwoods like teak, oak, and spruce, but will (with proper chemical surface preparation) glue a wide variety of metals, glass, rubber or plastic materials. The cured adhesive is completely waterproof and weatherproof.


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  • Formulated from natural wood resins
  • Adheres to oil hardwoods like teak, mahogany, oak and spruce
  • Can be used on properly prepared metal, glass, rubber and plastic
  • Simple one-to-one (1-to-1) mix ratio
  • A derivative of the Tropical Hardwood Epoxy


All Wood Glue is intended to be mixed one-to-one by volume, and is forgiving of minor mix ratio errors. Mixing by weight may be done at 10 parts A to 12 parts B by weight. For best results mix in one container, transfer to a second container and mix again. Allow to sit a few minutes before use, and allow to sit on wood joints with exposed end grain or exceptional roughness for at least half the pot life before assembly.

Cure Schedule  Pot Life  Dry to Touch  Full Cure 
28 Deg F  8 Hours  2 Days  8 Days 
40 Deg F  4 Hours  16 Hours  4 Days 
55 Deg F  2 Hours  8 Hours  2 Days 
70 Deg F  1 Hour  4 Hours  24 Hours 
100 Deg F  30 Minutes  2 Hours  10 Hours 
BRAND: Smith and Co
Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Adhesive
5.0 1

Great Problem Solver


I used it, with great success, to repair an outdoor wooden carving which had deteriorated. I also used the correct surface preparation and followed it with the recommended epoxy filler.

Fixit John

Central NJ


Smiths All Wood Glue



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