Layup, Laminating Epoxy, fiberglassing resin, polyester adhesive

Smiths Layup and Laminating Epoxy


Layup and Laminating Epoxy is specifically designed for ease of use in resin and fiberglass composite construction. Made by Smiths, famous for their clear penetrating epoxy sealer, it is exceptionally compatible with wood, fiberglass, and epoxy boat construction. Ideally suited for glass layup on hulls where blister repair requires additional work.

Curing at temperatures as low as 28 F, lLaminating epoxy is easy and forgiving to use with its one to one (1:1) mix ratio. Derived from wood resins, it is not brittle, but flexible and will bend with wood or fiberglass. No amine blush.

Note: While it is appropriate for layup work and laminating wood, it is not intended for hardwoods.

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This product is intended for fiberglass layup or laminating wood. This product is not intended for hardwoods.

Cure Schedule  Pot Life  Dry to Touch  Full Cure 
28 Deg F  8 Hours  2 Days  16 Days 
40 Deg F  4 Hours  1 Day  8 Days 
55 Deg F  2 Hours  12 Hours  4 Days 
70 Deg F  1 Hour  6 Hours  2 Days 
100 Deg F  30 Minutes  3 Hours  1 Day 
BRAND: Smith and Co
Material: Epoxy
Usage: Laminating
5.0 1

It works for me


For the past year I've been rebuilding a 1976 Wellcraft Nova 250 Offshore. All the wood Aft of the cabin to include the Transom is being replaced. I used L&L with wood dust( to thicken the mixture) To bed the stringers and bulkheads. To bond the transom together(2 pieces of 3/4 ply) I used equal parts of L&L and wood dust. After removing the clamps from the transom 2 days later and cutting out the gimbal holes, the transom looks like a solid piece of 1 1/2 in ply. I'm going to use this L&L on my other project boat next year!


westn maryland


Smiths Layup and Laminating Epoxy



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