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Smiths Tropical Hardwood Epoxy

Smith & Co.'s Tropical Hardwood Epoxy will glue not only oily hardwoods such as mahogany and teak, but oak, spruce, or any other softer wood. In addition, it will (with proper chemical surface preparation) glue a wide variety of metals, glass, rubber or plastic. Cured, it is completely waterproof and weatherproof. This 1-to-1 ratio-mixed epoxy yields a highly flexible glue that is ideally cured in warmer weather climate. 4 sizes available.


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Cure Schedule  Pot Life  Full Cure 
50 deg F  6 Hours  6 Days 
68 deg F  4 Hours  5 Days 
86 deg F  2 Hours  3 Days 

Tropical Hardwood Epoxy is to be mixed one-to-one by volume, and is forgiving of minor mix ratio errors. Mixing by weight may be done at 10 parts A to 12 parts B by weight. For best results mix in one container, transfer to a second container and mix again. Allow sitting 10 to 20 minutes before use. Then allow sitting on wood joints with exposed end grain or exceptional roughness for at least half the pot life before assembly.

BRAND: Smith and Co
Material: Epoxy
Usage: Woodrot
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