Smiths Epoxy clean up solvent, thinner, cleaner

Smiths Epoxy Clean-Up Solvent

Smith's Epoxy Clean-Up Solvent will clean up and dissolve all Smith & Co. epoxies before they have gelled. Great for cleaning up almost any uncured epoxy resin compounds.

Following the application of the CPES to saturate wood, most of the solvents have evaporated after a few hours, leaving an uncured resin film on the surface. This resin system cures very slowly, making it possible to dissolve and clean up that surface resin film by wiping it with a rag or paper towel soaked with Smiths Clean-Up Solvent.


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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
BRAND: Smith and Co
Material: Epoxy
Type: Adhesive Cleaner
Usage: Woodrot
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