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  • Groco Replacement Poly Raw Water Strainer Baskets

Groco Replacement Poly Raw Water Strainer Baskets

Groco Replacement Poly Raw Water Strainer Baskets are made of corrosion-resistant polyethylene and have an improved handle design for easier use. Designed to fit a range of pipe sizes, these spare poly baskets measure between 5.2 and 18.3 inches in length, and from 1.9 to 3.1 inches in diameter.

Consult the chart below to determine the right basket to match your Groco ARG, SA, VD, or 932-series strainer.

Also available are Groco stainless steel and monel replacement strainer baskets, sold separately.

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Improved Groco strainer baskets

Groco has redesigned its high-quality, raw water strainer baskets with an improved handle design and a more streamlined look. Best of all, the new part numbering system makes it easier than ever to find the strainer basket you need.

Please refer to the chart below to find the basket that will fit your particular strainer.

Item Number  Fits Strainer Model(s)  Screen Diameter  Screen Length 
GRO-BP-1  ARG-500, ARG-755, SA-500  1.9 inch  5.2 inch 
GRO-BP-2  ARG-750, SA-750  1.9 inch  7.2 inch 
GRO-BP-3  ARG-1000, VD-1000, 932-1000  2.6 inch  7.3 inch 
GRO-BP-4  ARG-1210, SA-1000  2.6 inch  7.5 inch 
GRO-BP-5  ARG-1250, SA-1250, VD-1250  2.6 inch  9.4 inch 
GRO-BP-6  ARG-1500, SA-1500, VD-1500  3.1 inch  10.1 inch 
GRO-BP-7  ARG-2015  3.1 inch  10.6 inch 
GRO-BP-8  ARG-2000, SA-2000  3.1 inch  12.4 inch 
GRO-BP-9  ARG-2515, 932-1500  3.1 inch  11.3 inch 
GRO-BP-10  ARG-2520, 932-2000  3.1 inch  13.3 inch 
GRO-BP-11  ARG-2500, SA-2500, 932-2500  3.1 inch  15.4 inch 
GRO-BP-12  ARG-3015  3.1 inch  11.9 inch 
GRO-BP-13  ARG-3020  3.1 inch  13.8 inch 
GRO-BP-14  ARG-3025  3.1 inch  16.0 inch 
GRO-BP-15  ARG-3000, 932-3000  3.1 inch  18.3 inch 
GRO-BP-16  VD-2000  3.1 inch  12.0 inch 
GRO-BP-17  932-1250  2.6 inch  9.2 inch 
GRO-BP-18  VD-2500  3.1 inch  14.2 inch 
GRO-BP-19  SA-3000  3.1 inch  17.7 inch 
BRAND: Groco
Material: Polyethylene
Type: Intake Strainers
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Emergency next day shipment of raw water engine filter.


You got me away from the dock when I needed to sail out. Thanks. Good product delivered next day.


Niceville, FL


Great Service, Thank You!


Great Service Thank You


Old Hickory Lake, TN



I wasn't sure if I had ordered the right size,but the strainer basket fit fine and a snap to install . [...]


Hull, Ma.


Groco Replacement Poly Raw Water Strainer Baskets



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