Tie Down Vented Rotor Disc Brakes
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  • Tie Down Vented Rotor Disc Brakes

Tie Down Vented Disc Brakes

These Disc Brakes from Tie Down Marine feature heavy duty construction for strong towing. Brakes have a one piece style vented, rotor construction with an E-Coat finish to protect from the harsh effects of salt water. The aluminum caliper with 380 series alloy allows the brakes to shed heat faster than traditional calipers, and oil impregnated bronze bushings are built to last long and slide smoothly. The vented rotors feature a GalvX finish to aid against corrosion. Tie Down Marine Disc Brakes are compact, so a direct brake line can be routed directly back to the axel.

Replacement pads are available, sold separately.

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BRAND: Tie Down Marine
Type: Trailer Parts
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