Festool StickFix Rubin-2 4-1/2 Inch Discs for RAS 115 Rotary Sander
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  • Festool StickFix Rubin-2 4-1/2 Inch Discs for RAS 115 Rotary Sander
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Festool StickFix Rubin-2 4-1/2 Inch Discs for RAS 115 Rotary Sander

Rubin 2 Abrasives for the 4-1/2" Festool RAS 115 E rotary sander.

StickFix is the Festool brand name for hook and loop (H&L) sandpaper

Rubin 2 abrasives are for use with bare wood.

Available in P36, P60, P80, P120, and P150 grit 4-1/2 in. discs. 50 sheets per box.

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Item Number  Grit  Quantity 
FES-499085  P36  50/bx 
FES-499086  P60  50/bx 
FES-499087  P80  50/bx 
FES-499089  P120  50/bx 
FES-499090  P150  50/bx 
Rubin 2 Applications  Suggested Grit  Process Level 
Wood  P24 - P60  heavy duty 
Wood  P80 - P120  intermediate 
Wood  P150 - P180  prep for finish 

Rubin 2 abrasive was developed for natural wood, wood composites and veneers. Rubin has a special coating which sheds wood fibers. Use on hardwoods like oak or maple, soft woods like pine or fir, tropical woods like ebony or teak, as well as on wood-based products.

  • Use grits P24 to P60 for rapid removal and rough surface quality. High material removal means low surface quality. This preps surfaces for higher grits.

  • Use grits P80 to P120 to accomplish intermediate sanding. You will still have a fast removal rate while achieving good surface quality.

  • Use grits P150 to P180 for finish sanding. Remember that soft wood does not require as fine a sanded finish as hardwood. If you want to sand wood higher than P180, use Brilliant 2 from P220 to P400. Sanding higher that P180 is not recommended for stains, as they will not penetrate as readily.


    Use coarser grits for faster results; avoid skipping grits for best surface quality. The wood-specific coating for the Rubin abrasives means that they are long lasting.

  • Attachment Type: Velcro
    BRAND: Festool
    Hole Pattern: 9 Hole
    Type: Discs
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