Pettit EZ-Poxy formerly Easypoxy Topside Paint
Pettit Z-Spar Pettit Z-Spar marine paint
  • Pettit EZ-Poxy formerly Easypoxy Topside Paint
  • Pettit Easypoxy color chart

Pettit EZ Poxy Topside Boat Paint

Pettit EZ-Poxy (formerly Easypoxy) is a highly rated, one-part polyurethane topside paint improved by the addition of silicone for a brilliant shine and easy brushability. It also contains ultraviolet filters to enhance the already superior gloss retention and durability of polyurethane.

This results in a topside finish that is exceptionally easy to apply and produces a lasting gelcoat-like brilliance with minimum effort.

EZ- Poxy is available in gloss white, semi-gloss white, and twenty-two popular and glossy topside colors.

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Same great paint—new name & new colors

The topside paint you've come to know and trust—Easypoxy—has a new name: EZ-Poxy. Though the name has changed slightly, this is still the same one-part, high-gloss polyurethane paint with superior gloss and gloss retention, and dependable durability in all weathers.

In addition, Pettit is introducing 7 colors that are tried and true topside finish standards:

  • Blue Glow White 3176
  • Mediterranean White 3184
  • Hatteras Cream 3208
  • Dark Blue 3290
  • Dull Dead Grass 3303
  • Fighting Lady Yellow 3456
  • Seattle Gray 3715

NOTE: Pettit has also changed the names of 6 of its existing colors as follows:

  • Gloss White 3175 is now White 3175
  • Off-White 3108 is now Hatteras Off-White 3108
  • Electric Blue 3237 is now Electric Sapphire Blue 3237
  • Newport Green 3333 is now Seafoam Green 3333
  • Bright Red 3624 is now Fire Red 3624
  • Dark Gray 3720 is now Steel Gray 3720

So for example, if you want to use up the rest of your Bright Red 3624, but don't have enough to complete your project, now you'll order Fire Red 3624. It's the same color, it just has a new, more descriptive name.


The surface must be free of dirt, loose paint, rust, oil, grease, wax, soap and any other foreign matter before painting. Clean painted areas by washing with a solution of 2 cups household ammonia per gallon of water and rinse well. Remove existing mildew with household bleach instead of ammonia.


Stir thoroughly before use. EZ-Poxy may be applied by brush, roller, conventional spray, or airless spray. For brush or roller application, apply without thinning, although in hot weather 5-10% Pettit 120 Brushing Thinner may be added to maintain a wet edge. For best results on large, smooth surfaces, roll out using a short nap roller followed immediately by leveling off with the tip of a brush.

For conventional spray application thin 15-20% with Pettit 121 Spraying Thinner. Apply one, thin even coat per day. After an overnight dry, lightly sand with 220-grit sandpaper and apply a second coat.

Applying two or more coats in one day or applying excessively heavy films (greater than 4 mils wet) will lead to insufficient through-drying of the paint and will yield soft paint films. For airless spray application, thin up to 5% with Pettit 121 Spraying Thinner.

Utilize a .011-.015 inch diameter tip for application. Do not apply EZ-Poxy on extremely humid days (90°F+ RH) or when rain is threatening. Do not apply in the late afternoon when working outdoors as the wet film may be adversely affected by dew. When working in cooler temperatures, be sure the air and surface temperatures will remain at or above 50°F for at least 8 hours after application.

Paint Color  Item Number  Size 
White (formerly Gloss White)  PET-3175Q  Quart 
White (formerly Gloss White)  PET-3175G  Gallon 
Semi-Gloss White  PET-3106Q  Quart 
Semi-Gloss White  PET-3106G  Gallon 
Blue Glow White (new for 2017)  PET-3176Q  Quart 
Mediterranean White (new for 2017)  PET-3184Q  Quart 
Hatteras Off-White (formerly Off-White)  PET-3108Q  Quart 
Hatteras Off-White (formerly Off-White)  PET-3108G  Gallon 
Hatteras Cream (new for 2017)  PET-3208Q  Quart 
Blue Ice  PET-3213Q  Quart 
Bikini Blue  PET-3229Q  Quart 
Electric Sapphire Blue (formerly Electric Blue)  PET-3237Q  Quart 
Electric Sapphire Blue (formerly Electric Blue)  PET-3237G  Gallon 
Ocean Blue  PET-3248Q  Quart 
Ocean Blue  PET-3248G  Gallon 
Dark Blue (new for 2017)  PET-3920Q  Quart 
Dull Dead Grass (new for 2017)  PET-3303Q  Quart 
Seafoam Green (formerly Newport Green)  PET-3333Q  Quart 
Jade Green  PET-3348Q  Quart 
Kelly Green  PET-3350Q  Quart 
Fighting Lady Yellow (new for 2017)  PET-3456Q  Quart 
Sandtone  PET-3518Q  Quart 
Sandtone  PET-3518G  Gallon 
Grand Banks Beige  PET-3520Q  Quart 
Fire Red (formerly Bright Red)  PET-3624Q  Quart 
Burgundy  PET-3626Q  Quart 
Platinum  PET-3711Q  Quart 
Platinum  PET-3711G  Gallon 
Seattle Gray (new for 2017)  PET-3715Q  Quart 
Steel Gray (formerly Dark Gray)  PET-3720Q  Quart 
Black  PET-3801Q  Quart 
Black  PET-3801G  Gallon 
Dry Time Hours  To Touch  To Recoat 
90°F  1-1/2 hrs.  8 hrs. 
70°F  3 hrs.  16 hrs. 
50°F  6 hrs.  24 hrs. 

Technical Specifications

  • Finish: High-gloss
  • Curing Mechanism: Air dry/oxidation
  • Solids (theoretical): Weight - 62.0 +/- 7%, Volume - 49.6 +/- 2%
  • Coverage: 600 sq. ft./gal.
  • VOC: 394 g/L for 3175 White (other colors will vary slightly)
  • Flash Point: 113°F for White (other colors will vary slightly)
  • Application: Brush, roller, or spray
  • Number of Coats (Minimum): 2
  • Film Thickness per Coat: 1.5 mils dry (3 mils wet)
  • Application Temperature: 50°F. Min., 90°F. Max.
  • Application Humidity: 0% Min., 90% Max.
  • Thinning: Pettit 120 Brushing Thinner; Pettit 121 Spraying Thinner
  • Cleanup: 120 Brushing Thinner


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

BRAND: Pettit Z-Spar
Material: Polyurethane
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Topside Paint
4.3 91

Not sure if I would buy this product again!


I loved the color and application. However it doesn't seem to hold up well! It seems to scratch off fairly easily. Prep work was sanding per instructions. It doesn't seem like a very hard finish. Wondering if there is an additional application product to harden the finish?


Fond du Lac, Wi


I am ready Paint my Manlift. After using it on my boat


I use this paint five years ago on my 65 foot boat on the water line. The boat Has sit in salt water all this time. No change since the day I Put it on. It used a 4 inch roller right at the water line When I did the bottom paint.Since I had such great luck with this product. I'm going to paint my Manlift with the same paint. Yes I recommend this paint highly.

Mark Comstock

West coast Washington state


An excellent quality paint! Use with the performance enhance


Use this with Pettit performance enhancer to make a highly durable scratch resistant paint. It goes on smooth with roller or brush@

Sailer Jerry

Cape Cod Ma


Good paint


I added Pettit performance enhancer 3021, and with a Mohair roller it turn out great




I am glad I went with this Pettit paint and its color.


I chose because of color, and it is good. I also chose because it is one part epoxy and it worked good. It took forever to dry hard, but my weather I am sure had a lot to do with it. It does scratch easily but it is not gel coat so what can you expect. I did prime first and used 2 coats. We will see how it lasts for the summer.


New Durham, NH


Easy to use, covered in one coat over primer


Added Easygrip non-slip grit to paint, mixed thoroughly with paint mixer on a drill,used 1/4" nap roller after cutting-in with brush. A 7'x14' motorcycle trailer plus v-nose and ramp took about 2 hours after prep and prime. Coat went on evenly and easily- one coat was plenty. Adhered beautifully to Pettit EZ prime, dry to walk on in 24hrs (about 65 deg F)

Marcoux Dumas



This is great paint


Does a super job refreshing the surface of fiberglass boats.


Westport, MA


Very UV resistant


I used this product on top side trim line around my flybridge. That was nearly 20 years ago. This held up amazingly well.I just repainted with the same product.




Nice stuf


Very nice paint when used with the additive. If your doing the job in stages then only mix half of can at a time. Will harden up in a week or so.


Marina del rey


Great finish


I used this to paint my livewwll after repairing some chips.. came out great Has a real hard shinny finish easy to work on small curvy area / I'd assume as easy on large flat as well

Ted Pro



Pettit EZ Poxy Topside Boat Paint



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