Samson Rope Splicing Fids
Samson Samson
  • Samson Rope Splicing Fids

Samson Aluminum Fids

Samson aluminum fids are designed for splicing double braid rope. They are available in multiple sizes.
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BRAND: Samson
Metal: Aluminum
Type: Splicing Fid
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A good choice


It works really well, except for the two little rings cut around the shank. To attach a braided bridle to the bit with small leather laces, the braided rope really hangs up on the rings when I push the fid through it. PS, I was a sailor long before I started messing about on horses, so I know I'm a bit off the reservation here.

Old Poi Dog

Summerville, OR

fid for splicing double braid rope


A plastic fid I was using gave me trouble since it snagged the interior fibers of the rope and then it became stuck in the core or cover. Aluminum fids, kept clean, are better for this. The core or cover end can be stuffed inside the hole at the tail of the fid and taped securely. Once you learn how to do this the splicing is easy.


Belhaven, NC


Samson Aluminum Fids



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