BEP Contour Generation 2 Waterproof 6 Way Switch Panel
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  • BEP Contour Generation 2 Waterproof 6 Way Switch Panel

BEP Contour Generation 2 Waterproof 6 Way Switch Panel

The BEP Generation 2 waterproof 6 way switch panel is designed for areas exposed to weather. New spray proof panels have a unique style, utilizing the latest techniques in injection molding.

The switch tray is made out of a molded plastic with a rubber gasket and seal molded into the plastic. The cover is molded in a clear plastic with a rubber over-mold, allowing the flexibility needed to operate the switches through the front of the panel while providing a clear window for label back-lighting.

Comes in black or white with a charcoal strip. Also includes on/off switches, which can be interchanged with a variety of different switch options. Panel is 6.5 inches x 2.5 inches.

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Type: Switch Panels
4.0 2

Gen 2 WP Panel 6 way


This was so easy to install that a neighbor came over to ask why I was laughing so loud! I've had problems with a few internet purchases over the years, but this sucker installed exactly as it was supposed to! Thank you so much! And at night-the readability is fantastic!Thanks!Arrrgh!!

dave the butcher

Bunnell, Fl


nice look, but lacking in design


I just bought and installed the 6gang Gen 2 switch panel in my CC bowrider. I like the way it looks, and was not hard to install. The lights look great on it. RED "on" lights for each switch and Green back lighing of the switch lables. All very nice. I actually cut out the inline fuses in favor of a seperate fuse panel that I needed for other things anyway.But what I don't like about the panel is the design. It takes a bit of effort to push through the rubber arrow and actually touch the switch. So, switching things on and off is kind of a pain in the finger. Also, it does not come with a matching rocker switch for Momentary (ON), OFF, to use for a horn. You have to buy it seperately and it was very hard to find on the net. And, forget about putting your NAV/ANCHOR lights on one rocker switch. They don't make the necessary two pole, with six connections type of ON,OFF,ON rocker switch you would need. They have an ON,OFF,ON rocker for this panel, but it's single pole only. Useless for seperating your anchor from your nav lights.I had to seperate my Nav lights and Anchor light by using two seperate switches in the panel. Works, but it's not the norm.Overall, I am happy with my purchase. I can deal with the design flaws, and have a nice looking switch panel in my dash. Hopefully, I won't have to blow my horn too often or find myself motoring past sunset, or have to run my bildge pump.


York, PA


BEP Contour Generation 2 Waterproof 6 Way Switch Panel



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