Aqua Signal Hideaway Bi-Color Bow Light
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  • Aqua Signal Hideaway Bi-Color Bow Light

Aqua Signal Hideaway Bi-Color Navigation Light

Aqua Signal Hideaway navigation lights have a unique flip-up mechanism that allows the light to remain concealed and flush to the deck when not in use.

This keeps the deck clear for safety, and adds a neat and clean appearance. Hideaway nav lights are approved for use on boats up to 65' in length. Incorporated switch automatically turns light off when closed.

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10 Watt output. 2 nm visibility.
cutout area= 90mm x 68mm x 54mm Deep
BRAND: Aqua Signal
Type: Navigation Lights
2.6 5

aqua hideway nav light


this light constantly corrodes, have had to replace the top and inner connections each year, tired of it


branford ct


Aqua Signal Hideaway


This light was installed on an 18 foot flats boat. The first one was replaced after 3 months on the boat. The second one stopped working after 9 months of use. I disassembled the light and hard wired the light removing the electronic nonsense that should never have been included. The electronics are only used to turn the light off when in the flipped down position. All connections were then soldered and heat shrinked to avoid any future issues. A product that requires cutting a hole in your boat should be tested and bullet proof. Aqua Signal should have done some field testing.


Sarasota, Fl

Great for years, but expect short life


This is great when new, however, after 5 years, its junk. The housing is great! The electrics are junk. I am freshwater only and the elements inside are of poor quality. The body is outstanding construction! Will replace every 4 yrs in fresh water and 1-2 years near saltwater.


Houston, TX


Not saltwater resistant


I have a 2008 center console that is kept moored in saltwater. I have just had my 3rd light completely corroded and need a fourth. They were all professionally installed. The last one I kept in the flip up position at the advice of of the marine dealer to try to avoid corrosion. It did not work. Unfortunately, the screw that holds the lens cap also corrodes and easily snaps when attempting to remove. The light looks awesome and is perfect for my boat, but I can't continue to install one a year.


Cambridge, Maryland


AWESOME light. great finish, sturdy!


I installed the flip up light on the front of a wooden runabout. The fixture, when properly installed sits up about 3/16 of an inch from the surface. The flip up mechanism is sturdy and the locking mechanism (open and closed) is very positive. The installation uses a plastic cup that ensures there will be no damage to a retracted light from below (cup has drain tube). Light turns on when flipped up, and off when flipped down. This light is really classy.


Wylie, TX


Aqua Signal Hideaway Bi-Color Navigation Light



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