MDR Inflatable Boat Top Coat
  • MDR Inflatable Boat Top Coat

MDR Inflatable Boat Top Coat

MDR Inflatable top coat is a boat paint for hypalon, pvc or rubber inflatable boats. Restores original color and luster from a multi-colored, faded or discolored condition.

Top Coat is an easy to apply water-based formula that cleans up with water and is flexible enough to last, even when folded. Available gray, white or light gray and sold in quarts. One quart covers approximately 100 sq. feet.

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Type: Inflatable Boat Paint
4.5 21

easy to work with


I used a thin coat and it dried quickly but as others have mentioned it does seem to remain tacky once in the sun was on it. It is not a big problem just odd when you are not expecting it. Dinghy is a 2007 PVC and paint was applied with a 4" foam roller and tipped with foam brush.


Boothbay Harbor


Paint looks good


If mdr topcoat holds up then ill b very pleased


Baton rouge la




What a joy this paint is to use. It took two coats to cover completely. Was fast drying so my RHIB was done in one afternoon. Really liked the finished texture after using a medium nap roller. Clean-up was far too easy using just water. This stuff drys like iron so clean up quickly. Saved thousands using this paint. Love the results.

Cap'n Jim

Ft Myers, FL


Great but Have to see how it wears


12 y/o hypalon 8' 6" Genesis from Walker Bay. Twice washed with Dawn/Clorox then twice cleaned with MDR inflatable cleaner and scrub brush. Painted only sun exposed ~ top surfaces (after patching champagne leak in front chamber w/5200) First coat very thin ready for second coat by the time I got back to the start. Third coat completely cover original grey color. Final coat following day after being kept dry under cover overnight, appears great but need to see durability in use


Ft Lauderdale


Great idea, if the paint would eventually dry


I read the reviews and figured there would be a problem. I spent extra time prepping, hoping to avoid a sticky inflatable in the end... unfortunately, my results were the same. Although the dinghy looks great after applying to paint, it is very tacky to the touch (even after 3 weeks. It certainly looks much better and I guess the dinghy can be used as long as you sit on a towel. I'm just not sure what's going to happen in the long run with dirt.


Hilton Head Island, SC


Great thusfar


O.K. Basics. So far a great water based vinyl based paint. One quart was just enough to apply two coats to my 10ft RIB.I performed a small test area on a piece of PVC repair patch material prior to painting it on my RIB. Two days later, I was unable to scratch the coating off. For a water based material, it has great adhesion properties.Go the extra mile prepping and cleaning off the inflatable prior to painting, do it right the first time, you won't be sorry.Apply out of direct sunlight. I used extra firm 4" paint rollers. Thinning is not necessary or desired. Rolls on easily, go slowly to minimize bubbles forming. Tip and roll technique was not necessary.Independent tests apparently rate this coating one of the top for longevity. If you own an inflatable you should be acuity aware of the damaging effects of UV sunlight.Time will tell how this coating lasts. It made my poor RIB look like new, keeping my fingers crossed.


Pensacola, Florida


Worked perfectly


The difference in the appearance of my Zodiac is remarkable. Looks like a new RIB

La Cagna Mare

Troy, MI

Very Disatisfied


I followed the instructions allowing to dry between coats. It looked fantastic when first finished.......but remained tacky and over time collected dirt and mildew. The boat now looks much worse that it did before coating.


Great Lakes


very easy


did ever thing as told but it stays sticky ever thing sticks to it but over all great


martinez ca


The great cover-up


This product works great as long as you follow the instructions. Make sure the last coat has sufficient time to dry before evening dew or frost or you'll be brushing it out the next day. Otherwise it covers great and makes a dinghy look great.




MDR Inflatable Boat Top Coat



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