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TH Marine
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TH Marine Inline Scupper

TH Marine inline scuppers have thermo-plastic flappers to prevent backwash. Fits hoses size 1-1/8", 1-1/2" or 3/4". Made from chemical resistant materials.
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BRAND: TH Marine
Type: Scuppers and Valves
3.0 3

mine snapped at the end of hose


Depending on type of application. Mine snapped at the end of hose because of tension created by hose. Perhaps okay to use if line is straight but if there is a slant or worst a curve no. Luckily for me boat was out of water at the time. Poor inferior plastic


Pembroke Pines, Fl


3/4 inline scupper


Make sure you check your product upon receipt. I ordered two and one of them was improperly assembled. Simple design allowed easy disassembly and operated normally after correctly assembled.

the swede

Moses Lake Washington


Multiple Bilge Pumps One Thru Hull


I needed a way to connect my primary bilge pump and back up bilge pump to a single through hull fitting. I put one in-line scupper between each pump and the hose t-connection. This seems to be an efficient way to add a second pump and prevent back flow if one pump is not running.

Mad Dog

San Antonio, TX


TH Marine Inline Scupper



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