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Ancor Magnetic Single Pole AC/DC Circuit Breakers

Ancor single pole AC/DC magnetic breakers ranging from 5 to 50 amps. They are tested for marine use in North America and Europe. Their improved design provides superior overcurrent protection.
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  • Provides reliable automatic circuit protection, power switching, and circuit overload control.
  • Designed to ignore nuisance trips, provides a trip-free safety mechanism which cannot be held closed during overcurrent or fault conditions.
  • Constructed with the highest marine grade stainless steel springs and specially plated sub-components
  • The magnetic actuator provides greater reliability than thermal actuators
  • Provides over 10,000 switching cycles
  • Weather resistant construction passes 100 hour salt spray tests
  • Now certified in North America and Europe,
  • Tested and certified by UL, CSA, DE, VDE and TVU
  • Designed for applications requiring higher amperage and voltage handling capability in a compact design
  • Protects wiring, motors, generators, telecommunication systems, batteries, and many other applications in the harsh marine environment, fits common panel cutouts
  • Mechanical Endurance: 10,000 On-Off operations @ 6 per minute; with rated current & voltage
  • Breakers will trip on overload even when actuator is forcibly held in the ON position
  • Enhanced, upgraded design of ANCOR standard single and double pole breakers


BRAND: Ancor
Type: Circuit Breakers
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