Windline Marithane Wheels
Windline Windline
  • Windline Marithane Wheels

Windline Marithane Wheels

Windline Marithane Wheels are a direct replacement for standard anchor roller mount wheels. The self lubricating bushing provides a smooth low friction pay out of anchor line and chain. Wheels are made of hand-cast elastomer and provide excellent resistance against wear and distortion from high heat.

Available in two sizes, 3” and 4” heights. Both have 1/2” centers and 3.4” widths.

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  • Hand cast from an elastomer unmatched in ability to resist wear and distortion at high loads
  • Won't wear line or chain
  • More durable, yet quieter than either hard plastic or metal
  • Diameter: 3" (W-30), 4" (W-40)
  • Width: 3.4"
  • Shaft diameter: 1/2"


BRAND: Windline
Material: Marithane
Type: Anchor Rollers

Windline Marithane Wheels



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