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CDI Mercury Triggers

These Mercury Triggers are made by CDI Electronics and are available for 3,4 and 6 cylinder Mercury Outboards.
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Part Number  Number Of Cylinders  Replaces 
CDI-1346453  134-6453, 18-5797, 68162A 3, 68162A 6, 96455A 1, 96455A 8 
CDI-1346452  73372A 1, 73410A 1, 76681A 1, 77000A 2, 96452A 1, 96452A 4, 96452A 5 (straight arm) 
CDI-1346454  77000A1, 96453A2 (Hooked Arm) 
CDI-1346456  134-6456, 18-5795, 18-5798, 68162A 1, 68162A 5, 68162A 8, 96455A 6, 96455A 9, 96455A 10, 96455A 11 
BRAND: CDI Electronics
Type: Ignition Sensor
3.0 2

CDI Electronics for Outboards - EXCELLENT Quality


CDI Electronics outboard components are VG quality. On Mercury outboards they're far superior due to the vastly improved wiring insulation. Not that CDI's stuff is anything special; just that Mercury's wiring is absolutely unacceptable.

Russ G.

Boston, MA


Poor quality


This trigger for a Mercury outboard motor was of poor quality. Before installation, one of the terminal connectors on the end of a wire fell off in my hand. It wasn't crimped very well, if I didn't discover this, I would have possibly been left stranded on the water because the "crimped" area is inside of a rubber boot and I wouldn't be able to see it has become disconnected.


Anahauc, TX.


CDI Mercury Triggers



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