Cal-June Premium Mark V Mooring Buoys
Cal-June Cal-June
  • Cal-June Premium Mark V Mooring Buoys
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Cal-June Premium Mark V Mooring Buoys

This Cal-June Mooring Buoy is made from premium, Mark V plastics that are among the toughest and most durable buoy materials available. The rock hard outer shell has minimum nominal thickness of 1/8 inches.

The buoy core is 2 lbs of high density polyurethane foam and tough PVC tubing lines the center of the buoy where the mooring chain threads through. This protects against crushing or cracking the watertight shell. A blue band wraps around buoy in compliance with mooring buoy regulations.

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Model  Outside Diameter (inches)  Swivel & Eye (inches)  Tube Inside Diameter (inches)  Bouyancy (lbs) 
CJN-4400  12"  1/2"  no  22 
CJN-4400T  12"  no  2"  20 
CJN-4401  15"  1/2"  no  46 
CJN-4401T  15"  no  2"  43 
CJN-4402  18"  1/2"  no  90 
CJN-4403T  24"  no  2-1/2"  196 
BRAND: Cal-June
Type: Mooring Buoys
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