1708 Fiberglass Biaxial Cloth # E-glass (+/-45 degree) Mat Back
  • 1708 Fiberglass Biaxial Cloth # E-glass (+/-45 degree) Mat Back
  • 1708 Biaxial Fiberglass Cloth

1708 Fiberglass Cloth: 17 oz Biaxial 3/4 oz Mat Back

Fiberglass Biaxial Cloth is a #1708 E-glass Biaxial (+/-45 degree) Cloth with 3/4 oz mat backing. The fiberglass tows are held together by light nylon stitching which do not affect the structural integrety of the cloth.

The flat non-crimped fibers yield reduced print-thru and higher stiffness than other woven fabrics

The mat backing adds extra thickness and makes for a smoother finished product when applied over scratches and dents. This cloth is ideal for repairs, tabbing, and reinforcing.

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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
1708 signifies the weight of each layer.
  • +/- 45 biaxial weave cloth is 17 ounces per square yard.
  • mat backing is 8 ounces per square yard
  • yields a total weight of 25 ounces per square yard
  • BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
    Type: Bixaxial Cloth
    Weave: Biaxial
    4.5 19

    Not for all


    Had a hard time to laminate areas with tight bends and difficult to sand smooth. There is a heavy single strand running in 1 direction that does not want to bend or smooth out. Chopped stand mat follows curves much better and sands better but not sure which would be stronger. I think this would be god for flat things not curves.

    17 ft whaler

    San Jose CA

    My standard go to fabric


    Universal use for most applications, for the average repair this is great. Some say it is hard to Wet out ? Not so! There is a degree of technique with anything you use. You can Wet the chopped side lightly then flip it over and Wet the top a little heavy then put the next layer on it , or you can Wet the surface a little heavy and lay the fabric on it , let it absorb into it a few mins then add resin as needed . Once you start the build up and the Wet out begins between layers it is much easier to maintain. Once you get some experience with it, it is a joy to use. Peel ply makes the finished product very nice, get a nice roller and SLOWLY toll out the air and excess resin, you will be very happy with the result.


    Ozark, Al


    Yes, but perhaps not from you.


    This is not the first time I purchased 1708 from you, but it may be the last time. The roll I got this time was package well enough but when I unrolled the cloth I was disappointed at how frayed and distorted both ends were. There were also five pieces of masking tape on one end spaced about 8 inches apart on the chop strand side which could not be removed without pulling off a substantial amount of fibers. As a result, I ended up with way too much wasted material.


    Franklin, MA 02038


    Jamestown is service


    In this crazy time, Jamestown was able to get the product to me in record time. Thanks to Andy from Boatworkstoday for leading me to this great company, and product. I used to use the strips over a larger area which was time consuming. The Biaxial Fiberglass sheets can be cut to size and easily applied with epoxy resin. Love that they came in rolls rather than folded. Makes for an smoother application. Great product, Great Company,


    New Jersey


    Wonderful product


    I was amazed that the item I ordered was on a full roll meaning it has no folds and makes it easier to work with and it works wonderful for my transom job I had ordered it for


    North Carolina


    Good product to work with


    Worked out great for my needs

    Straight shooter usa



    It was a bit thicker than expected..my fault


    I build a battery box for 4 12v batteries for my new electric motor. I wanted fiber glass that would reinforce and cover the base. This glass is pretty thick. I should have ordered thinner. I'm new to fiberglassing. The material arrived on time and neatly packaged. This Mat is better for large flat surfaces in my opinion. I will NOT hesitate to order from Jamestown again!

    Rick B

    New Orleans, La


    1708 is an amazing product!


    I purchased a 1990 hurricane deck boat that had been neglected for years. The foam was saturated with water and most of the wood stringers was rotted or rotting. After researching many options I came across 1708. I am glad I ordered and used this product in my total boat rebuild.

    Jon Mc

    Warren Pennsylvania


    Great product for fast thickness build and durability


    First impression is that this is some thick material, great for fast lamination, or single layer over wood. I was pleased to see that the product is shipped rolled up, not folded, to avoid kinks in the glass. I used this as a glass layer over a replacement plywood transom on a dinghy. I will use it again as a tough deck lamination over plywood. I used west system epoxy, best to not overwork the material. Requires minimum fairing after installation. Great fiberglass!


    Northshore, Massachusetts


    Strong enough for the bumpers on my race car.


    This mat is very strong. The fiberglass bumpers on my race car were cracking but not after I used this mat to help support them.Perfect product.


    Martinez, CA


    1708 Fiberglass Cloth: 17 oz Biaxial 3/4 oz Mat Back



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