1708 Fiberglass Biaxial Cloth # E-glass (+/-45 degree) Mat Back
  • 1708 Fiberglass Biaxial Cloth # E-glass (+/-45 degree) Mat Back
  • 1708 Biaxial Fiberglass Cloth

1708 Fiberglass Cloth: 17 oz Biaxial 3/4 oz Mat Back

Fiberglass Biaxial Cloth is a #1708 E-glass Biaxial (+/-45 degree) Cloth with 3/4 oz mat backing. The fiberglass tows are held together by light nylon stitching which do not affect the structural integrety of the cloth.

The flat non-crimped fibers yield reduced print-thru and higher stiffness than other woven fabrics

The mat backing adds extra thickness and makes for a smoother finished product when applied over scratches and dents. This cloth is ideal for repairs, tabbing, and reinforcing.

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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
1708 signifies the weight of each layer.
  • +/- 45 biaxial weave cloth is 17 ounces per square yard.
  • mat backing is 8 ounces per square yard
  • yields a total weight of 25 ounces per square yard
  • Weave: Biaxial
    4.7 9

    great price , American Made


    I used this type of cloth for most everything. I have seen people say it is hard to wet out, not really. Lay some resin down first, place cloth over it and lay some resin on the top , work it with a brush slightly and wait a minute or two. Then add additional resin as needed on top. It wets out great and you have plenty of time to work it if you are using the correct hardener . This cloth does not wet out clear it turns green , keep that in mind for your application . The cloth will form arround contours very well once wet out. I have used it in multi stress loaded areas by positioning the layers in different directions , or you could use triaxial or quadraxial cloth but the don't contour as well.

    SV Solitude

    Destin , Florida


    Very good with epoxy


    Used this glass to laminate a new bulkhead using MAS epoxy. It wet out easily and handles well. I've also used it for tabbing where it conforms to curves and corners equally well.


    Kemah, Tx


    Great for fabrication of motorcycle parts


    I try and make custom motorcycle parts for my bike and this material works great.


    Houston TX


    Easy to work with, made a perfect repair


    I had to re-glass a deck repair on a 32 year old boat and make it blend to un repaired section.this cloth paired with epoxy resin was easy to work with and gave me the finish I was looking for

    Charlie dog

    Sag harbor,ny


    Nice Product


    Quality fiberglass mat. I used this product when I re-cored floor hatches. I used it in conjuction with TotalBoat epoxy and balsa core. This was my first time recoring hatches and my first time using biaxial cloth. It is a bit difficult to fully wet the cloth; you have to spend some time working the resin into the cloth. This was not an issue on a horizontal surface, but might be difficult on a vertical surface. That said - My hatches are now rock solid. After re-coring two rotted hatches, I used this mat to add another layer on a floor hatch that had IMO too much flex - it is now rock solid too.


    Erie, PA


    Fiberglass cloth


    Used this biaxial and CSM fabric to rebuild Rudder on a 82 hunter


    Long Island


    perfect material


    i've fixed three transoms on glasrtron boats now and this is the best product i have used. it wets well but you need to make sure that the resin is at a warm temperature. i had the resin in the garage and it was a little thick at first. the flat roller and corner roller work great when forming. for the beginners, try to wet the structure and both sides of cloth before you lay it in. of coarse i mean this when you use it on a vertical not horizontal. good luck!jamestown was the best price for all the materials i purchased. resin, rollers, fiberglass(cloth, mat) and don't forget the pumps.

    Zigy Hale

    Pocatello Idaho


    Good stuff!


    This stuff is great. Has a cloth backing which adds to the structure when applied with epoxy and dried. Lots of strength.I like to work with it and how it adheres and hardens.

    Frank you

    New York, N.Y.


    Great Product


    I used it as a reinforcing laminate layer in a kayak paddle I made.

    El Creno



    1708 Fiberglass Cloth: 17 oz Biaxial 3/4 oz Mat Back



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