barrel nuts, stainless steel barrel nuts
  • barrel nuts, stainless steel barrel nuts

Barrel Nuts - S/S

Stainless steel Barrel Nuts are recommended for thru-bolt installations of ports, deck hardware, and a variety of other installations. Barrel nuts are available in 18-8 stainless steel.
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BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
MET / STD: Standard
Metal: Stainless Steel
Nut Type: Barrel Nuts
Type: Nuts
4.5 12

Work great


Used on hinges for compartments. Replaced a counter sunk barrels which had a copper component. Hoping this all SS item will resist corrosion.

P Nut



Thanks for the help!!!


Knowledgeable people on the phone... a big plus!




good stainless


good price for stainless fasteners

boat mechanic for certain

northern california

Exactly as stated by fellow reviewers


The reviews sum them up precisely. Very difficult to start threading but they otherwise feel and look very nice. Needed 36 of them to fasten pergola beams sandwiched around 4" galvanized pipe with 3 sections of all-thread through each. Bought ten to see how they looked and will have no reservations going back for the rest. (Gonna hurt to pay the hefty shipping twice though :(


Rochester, NY


Couldn't be found anywhere else!


They are stainless , they won't rust.


Buffalo NY


Well made


Got them to install ports

Capt Jim



Shipping cost excessive


Product is great. Shipp[ing cost for such a small order was excessive


Chestertyown, Maryland

Great potential


The potential of this product is outstanding. Unfortunately, the nuts are extremely difficult to begin threading them on the bolt. They must be aligned perfectly before they will start without cross-threading. Also, extreme care must be used to insure the bolt hole is drilled perpendicular to the surface the nut will be snugged to, otherwise only one edge will be in contact with the surface. Would be adviseable to use a flat washer to prevent nut edge from biting into the surface.


Oklahoma City, OK


Better than I imagined


i got these to act as an accorn nut but with better securety and protection with the benefit of using a tool to fasten and unfasten.some of you are wondering the diameter of the head as i was. i ordered some and this is what i messured with a ruler (not procise but close enough)the 1/4 20 interior thread nut has a head with a 11/16" diameter and the height of 3?16"... the #10 24 interior threaded nut has a head diameter of 9/16" and height of head is about 1/8"each size interior threads are nearly the length of the entire barrel. whatever bolt you screw into these nuts should contact about 1/16" shorter or more than the length of the barrel. the head diameter really helps destribute the pressure of the bolt and nut. the bottom of the head of the barrel nut has a band of small teeth that help to hold the nut in place and resist loosening. these ratcheting like teeth was something i was not expecting but was extrememly happy about.only con(s) is that i wish measurements like this were in the stats and that these pieces could be ordered in various barrel lengths. but this is more of a selection and ordering info complaint. Shipping by the way was quick. the product only amazes


Page, AZ


Top notch quality.


Would love to have bought the matching screws but I didn't need 200 of them. Wish you could sell screws etc. in smaller pkg. size, everything else about your products is super.


Buckeye Az


Barrel Nuts - S/S



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