denatured alcohol solvent
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Denatured Alcohol

We offer pure denatured alcohol from Recochem chemical. This is the only alcohol solvent suitable for shellac products, and will not thin most other coatings. Denatured alcohol can be dissolved in water for cleaning. Can also be used in alcohol stoves. The 'denatured' in its name refers to the fact that chemicals have been added so this alcohol is no longer potable, but the chemical ethanol structure remains the same.

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BRAND: Recochem
Type: Thinners and Solvents
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Does the job safely


I use DA in boat building. The good thing about denatured alcohol is that is not toxic when in contact with skin, and it does a great job thinning epoxy resin for sealing wood pores, and as a base for fiberglassing, whereas acetone and lacquer thinner contain more toxic compounds and are not necessary in this instance.

Mark the Shark



Denature Is greatest ot worsts!!!


I have been working in a Sighn Shop making signs... I have learn the many uses in this product it is very help full and at the wrong way it can destroy what you want...




Denatured Alcohol



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