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Whitecap Stainless Steel Eyebolts

Marine-grade stainless steel eyebolts complete with nuts. Partial thread (thread length in table below) with slight oversized unthreaded shoulder/shank portion. Made of durable, corrosion- and rust-resistant 304 stainless steel.
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Part Number  Length (in.)  Threads (in.)  Stock (in.)  Eye (in.) 
WHI-S-1524  2-3/16  1-3/16  1/4  1/2 
WHI-S-1525  3-3/8  2-5/16  1/4  1/2 
WHI-S-1526  2-5/8  1-3/8  5/16  5/8 
WHI-S-1527  4-5/16  5/16  5/8 
WHI-S-1528  5-1/2  3-5/16  3/8  5/8 
BRAND: Whitecap
Metal: Stainless Steel
Type: Eye Bolts
3.0 1

Oversize shank


Unlike most partially-threaded fasteners with which I am familiar, this product has an unthreaded portion with a substantially greater diameter (.390) than the threads. This isn't a bad idea in principle (more shear strength), but nothing on the site indicated the difference. Consequently I ordered hardware (bushings and washers) that is incompatible without milling or reaming.


Norfolk, VA


Whitecap Stainless Steel Eyebolts



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