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FPE Orel Cut Sash Brushes

Orel Cut Sash Brushes are the finest Italian execution of classic American design. Lacquered wood handle, nickel ferrule and fine bristle made by Omega Brushworks in Italy.
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Fine Paints of Europe is proud to import brushes from the legendary Omega Brushworks of Bologna, Italy This venerable firm produces a range of brushes made with the famous white, "pure Setola" bristles, noted for their resilience and durability. All OMEGA brushes are handmade and packed full without a spacer in the ferrule. Hard, vulcanized rubber - impervious to solvents - is used to set the bristles in a stainless ferrule. All OMEGA brushes are mounted on balanced pecan handles. Quite simply, these are the world's finest brushes.

All finishes yield their full potential in appearance and longevity when applied with an Omega brush. Only Omega's synthetic (nylon & poly) bristles possess the fine, flagged ends and required stiffness necessary to apply and smooth a finish. (The use of a roller is perfectly suitable for the application of Satin or Matte paints on large expanses such as walls and ceilings.) An Omega brush will hold a substantial volume of paint without dripping and produce a blemish free surface and a clean edge. The use of a proper brush makes application much less tedious and greatly increases productivity.

BRAND: Fine Paints of Europe
Type: Brushes
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What a Piece


Maybe it would be better for painting a Picasso, but for painting my house it sucked.. The slanted tip caused more of headache the a help.. I thought it looked cool and would be great for cutting in..I was wrong.. Maybe I'm just an idiot amateur..and not a pro..I'm gonna stick to standard straight brushes..

Heavy T

Warren RI

FPE Orel Cut Sash Brushes



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