Hammerite Rust Cap Paint Hammered Finish Cans, hammerite paint
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  • Hammerite Rust Cap Paint Hammered Finish Cans, hammerite paint

Hammerite Rust Cap Paint Hammered Finish Cans

Hammerite Rust Cap Hammered Finish paint is a self-priming, fast dry, rust preventive coating designed to provide both interior and exterior long-lasting metal protection. It provides a decorative finish that resists corrosion and the weather.

Hammerite Rust Cap paint dries to the touch in 30 minutes and recoats should be applied within 4 hours before curing begins. This versatile paint can be used for a variety of applications: from covering rust to painting lawn furniture, crafts, metal wagons and more. It's terrific on iron, steel and most metal surfaces.

Available in quart and gallon cans.

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Covers 200 sq. ft per Gallon
BRAND: Hammerite Paints
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Anti Rust
4.8 25

Great product


I live near the Pacific Ocean, rust never rest but Hammerite will keep it at bay. If you haven't used Hammerite I suggest planning your project before beginning to paint. The product requires maintaining a wet edge and touching up within four hours or waiting 7 days. The outcome is fantastic!


Cardiff, Ca


I have bought this product again and again


I painted my kitchen floor! It was ugly Mexican tile. I have also painted my outdoor furniture, some bar stools,,an antique iron garden gate,,etcI "found" my first can. Put out for the trash. It was 12 years old and had never been opened!!That's how I found out how wonderful it is. It was good as new!!

Granny BooBoo

Jackson Ms

2 years later


Interior car door was rusting. Removed rust, painted with Rust Cap (hammered finish) and it has rusted through the paint 18 months year later.


Providence, RI


Hammerite Paint


One of the few Suppliers in the US where you can get Hammerite. Tough Stuff! Rust protection with no priming and hammered finish is durable and hides any surface imperfections. Highly Recommend!


Metro Detroit Area


Dark Blue Hammerite Qt.


Covers & dries well



I would buy this product again & again


Couldn't find this product locally. Very happy to find it at Jamestown. Perfect for painting the bed of the steel utility trailer I was building. Pricey paint but great for the job. I used it previously for many marine product painting jobs.




Great stuff


I built some 4" steel support structures 6 years ago. Great stuff. I am back for more.


King City, MO


Great paint!


This is the second color we have tried in the hammerite and we love it! We painted metal cabinets and most recently bare steel on a sheet metal brake stand as well as the sheet metal brake itself. Both turned out really great!

The Ternus'

Dysart, IA


Hammerite Rust Pain


I painted my mother's old heavy rusted golf cart over 15 years ago, by just wire brushing off loose rust and it still has not rusted through. I also painted the axels on my salt water boat trailer 5 years ago, sill not rusted through. A very good paint for heavy rust.

Golf Fisherman

Lakeland, FL


Excellent paint to refresh a trailer


I used Hammerite to repaint an open car trailer. The metal was in good shape but rusty and the remaining paint was pretty tired. I used this product before, many years ago, for a similar purpose and the results were excellent. The paint stayed looking good for at least 5 years until I sold the trailer even though the trailer was parked outside in New England weather. This product is easy to apply but a bit messy to clean up. I decided to just use an old brush and roller and throw them away when done. I think the hannered finish is attractive for this application. I highly recommend this product for anyone who needs to repaint rusty metal to keep it looking new for a long time.


Export, PA


Hammerite Rust Cap Paint Hammered Finish Cans



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