Hammerite Rust Cap Smooth Finish  spray paint
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Hammerite Rust Cap "Smooth Finish" spray paint

Hammerite Rust Cap paint is a self-priming, fast dry, rust preventive coating designed to provide both interior and exterior long-lasting metal protection. It provides a decorative finish that resists corrosion and the weather. Hammerite Rust Cap paint dries to the touch in 30 minutes recoats should be applied within 4 hours, before curing begins.

This versatile paint can be used for a variety of applications from covering rust to painting lawn furniture, crafts, metal wagons and more. It's terrific on iron, steel and most metal surfaces. This is the aerosol spray paint version in smooth finish.

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BRAND: Hammerite Paints
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Anti Rust
3.0 2

Just another alkyd, but seems to work


A good rugged paint, though it is just an alkyd, like 80% of the rattle-can paint sold today so you can expect it to fade a chalk within a few years. Rustoleum makes a virtual rip-off clone of this paint, for a about half the price. I have used both and they seem very comparable.I have had good luck with the textured version especially going over rust. it seems to hold up well, and the texture hides any rust pits. Very useful for touching up stuff where you don't want to do a full blast/etch/prime/topcoat




Hammerite Spray Paint


Great Paint! After purchasing at Jamestown I found the same paint at[...]for half the price. That's why the 3 rating.


Washington DC


Hammerite Rust Cap "Smooth Finish" spray paint



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