Pro-Set Adhesives, pro-set gougeon brothers epoxy adhesive
Pro-Set Pro-Set
  • Pro-Set Adhesives, pro-set gougeon brothers epoxy adhesive

Pro-Set Adhesives

Pro-Set Adhesives by Gougeon Bros are pre-thickened, two-part epoxy adhesives formulated for secondary bonding of laminated composites as well as steel, aluminum, cast iron, concrete, stone, and most wood species. PRO-SET Adhesives will bond these materials, to themselves, or to one another in any combination. This versatility fits the requirements of the marine and composites industries, as well as the architectural, transportation, and civil engineering fields. This is for Professional use Only!
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Pro-Set Adhesives
Pro-Set 175 Resin with Hardener. 175 Resin with Hardener is a cost effective, excellent multi-purpose adhesive for this wide range of materials. Resins and hardeners are thixotropic pastes. The mixture easily fills gaps and will not sag on vertical surfaces. The material aggressively wets out the substrate, making priming or pre-wetting unnecessary on most surfaces, while ensuring a good bond.
BRAND: Pro-Set
Material: Epoxy
Usage: Bonding
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Perfect Application


Application, set times and strength were all as advertised. The adhesive made a very difficult project successful.

Senior Engineer- Junior

Grand Rapids, MI


Pro-Set Adhesives



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