FPE Hollandlac Satin Enamel Paint
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  • FPE Hollandlac Satin Enamel Paint

FPE Hollandlac Satin Enamel Paint

An affordable flat marine enamel, Hollandlac Satin Enamel is a marine quality oil-based enamel with subtle, low-luster sheen. Can be used on interior or exterior surfaces. Use on surfaces such as wood, plaster, wallboard, metals and plastic.

Interior applications include walls, ceilings, doors, trim, railings, baseboards, moldings, cabinets, furniture and windows. This finish is suitable for exterior use on doors, trim, shutters, furniture, etc. when applied as a finish coat over two coats of Hollandlac Brilliant Enamel in the same color. Hollandlac Satin Enamel comes in 750ml cans.

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Surfaces to be painted should be dry, free of dust, chalk, grease and any foreign material that would affect adhesion. Grease and wax should be removed with an appropriate solvent (especially important on kitchen cabinets where use of a deglossing agent is recommended before painting or priming). Dust and chalk must be removed by scrubbing with a mild powdered detergent and warm water; rinse with fresh water. Do not prepare surface by washing with a liquid cleaning agent which can interfere with adhesion. When mildew is encountered, it must be removed thoroughly by washing with a mild bleach solution. It is imperative that all bleach residues be removed by rinsing.

When painting metal surfaces, all corrosion and rust must be removed, them primed with appropriate Fine Paints of Europe metal primer. When painting new wooden surfaces, all knots must be sealed with shellac before priming to prevent bleeding. Glossy surfaces must be dulled by a light hand sanding or a dulling agent (liquid sandpaper).

Many professionals have discovered that the easiest way to apply Hollandlac Satin is over one coat of Hollandlac Brilliant in the same color. This approach affords faster application, better leveling and better chip resistance.

Tools : Use a first quality, clean, natural bristle brush. We recommend the following brushes for this finish: Omega Small Flats (S57's) or Omega Round Sash (S203's) or premium quality professional roller covers in 3/8 inch nap.

New, unpainted surfaces and those previously painted with waterborne finishes : After surface preparation, apply one coat appropriate FPE Primer/Undercoat. Use EUROLUX on new sheetrock, Hollandlac or ECO Primer for wood, Primer AC for ferrous metal, Key Primer for non-ferrous metals and plastics. Primer coat should be sanded with 220 grit paper and tacked clean before receiving two thin, even coats of Hollandlac Satin. Allow each coat to dry overnight. For added durability and chip resistance (kitchen cabinets, doors) apply two primer coats before painting and apply first coat of Hollandlac in Brilliant. Finish job with Hollandlac Satin.

On interior surfaces previously painted with oil-based paints : Surfaces painted with an oil finish that are sound and do not need significant preparation may be painted without priming. Apply two thin coats of Hollandlac Satin following a light sanding and thorough cleaning to remove dust and foreign material. Painted surfaces which do require heavy sanding or scraping should be cleaned and then coated with the appropriate FPE Primer/Undercoat before receiving a Hollandlac Satin system. Hollandlac should be stirred well before use and applied in thin, even coats. Under normal environmental conditions this product requires no thinning. Clean up with FPE Mineral Spirits. This paint takes fourteen to twenty-one days to cure to a Satin finish.

Work area should always be well ventilated.
FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: When applying Hollandlac Satin, we recommend a light sanding with a fine grade of sandpaper of 220 or higher grit between coats. This step should be followed by a light vacuuming or wiping down with a clean rag or tack cloth. Care should be taken to allow complete drying between coats and before sanding.

Easy to clean. Wash with mild powdered detergent and warm water, rinse and dry (buff) thoroughly to avoid water spots.


  • .50 container cover 72 square feet
  • .75L container covers 111 square feet
  • 2.5L container covers 370 square feet

    Almost unlimited in original unopened containers.

    Binder: Urethane alkyd resin combination
    Pigments: Titanium Dioxide, mineral and organic color pigments
    Solvent: Mineral Spirits
    Thinner/Clean up: FPE Mineral Spirits
    Specific gravity [g/cm3]: 1.28 white (varies according to color)
    Solids by contents (white):

  • % by weight: 71%
  • % by volume: 51%
  • Viscosity: 95 100 KU
  • Specular gloss: (60°): 35 40 GU
  • Recommended film thickness:
  • wet: 65 microns/coat
  • dry: 33 microns/coat
  • Drying Time: 2 hours dust free 16 hours recoatable depending on humidity
  • VOC: 378 g/l
  • BRAND: Fine Paints of Europe
    Number Of Parts: One Part
    Type: Topside Paint
    5.0 1

    Expensive but worth it


    I hve been a professional painter for 30 years. This is by far the best paint I have ever used. It lays down better than other paint, it dries faster than other oil paints. I could wet sand this within 24 hours. It's just luscoius paint!

    Don the painter

    Springdale Arkansas


    FPE Hollandlac Satin Enamel Paint



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