Perko Watertight Deck Connections
Perko Perko
  • Perko Watertight Deck Connections

Perko Watertight Deck Connections

Perko Watertight Deck Connections are rated 15 amps at 12, 24, 32 volts. Polarized double contact connector. 1-5/8" diameter, 1-3/16" high. Uses #6 screws. Flange gasket with integral waterproof cap for base when plug is removed. Not ignition protected. Conforms to U.S.C.G. electrical standards. Chrome plated.
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BRAND: Perko
Type: Deck Connector
2.7 3

Tried this deck connector twice & didn't have good luck.


This deck electrical connector get corroded quickly even though the rubber cap has been on and attempting to seal the contacts from corrosion. The contacts need to be cleaned with a rat tail file on a regular basis to remove oxidation so that a good electrical connection can be made. After trying 2 of these connectors, I gave up using these. I custom build another electrical connector for my portable search light.


Cape Cod, MA


junk for larger wires


If you use any thicker wire - like gauge 14 or thicker (and it is supposed to handle 15A) there are not enough screw threads to hold the wire. It might work for thinner wire, but I think you should look to other connectors. This is junk and not usable for my application.


Alameda, Ca.


Thru-hull connector


This is a very nice thru-hull connector. It comes with a gasket AND the plug-in connector. Once you get it installed you will be very satisfied with its appearance. The plug is also very nice. For the plug cable I recommend going and getting 16 gauge appliance cable. This has the large diameter which will be snug in the rubber cover for the plug.


Ann Arbor, MI


Perko Watertight Deck Connections



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