FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat,
Fine Paints of Europe Fine Paints of Europe
  • FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat,

FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat

Oil Primer/Undercoat is a high performance primer for most interior and exterior wooden surfaces. This primer is an ideal foundation for the Hollandlac House Paint systems. Application of Primer/Undercoat is an absolute necessity on new, unpainted surfaces which are to receive Hollandlac Enamel or Swedish Putty.

On exterior substrates in poor condition, we strongly recommend the application of Oil Primer/Undercoat - its excellent hiding and filling properties are especially desirable in restoration work as it provides a sound foundation for final coats of Hollandlac.

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BRAND: Fine Paints of Europe
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Wood Primer
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