Laminated Balsa Core Panels
  • Laminated Balsa Core Panels

Laminated Balsa Core Panels

Fiberglass faced laminated balsa-cored panel is end-grain balsa core with single ply facings of 0/90 degree 1208 fabric, applied to each side of the panel. Peel ply on the facings ensure clean, lightly abraided surface for secondary bonding with no sanding required in most cases. Applications: To fabricate any interior or exterior lightweight parts. Cockpit and salon tables, hatch covers, fish boxes, settee tops, non-structural partitions and bulkheads, swim ladders, sliding doors for fish boats. Anywhere lightweight, stiffness, good weather-resistance and durability is required.

PLEASE NOTE: These 4 x 8 foot sheets are currently available for store pick-up and truck shipment only.

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