Caviness Basswood Boat Oars
Caviness Caviness
  • Caviness Basswood Boat Oars

Caviness Basswood Boat Oars

Caviness Basswood Oars feature select bass wood, great balance, and lightweight at a value price. Single coat synthetic varnish finish. They are a perfect natural wood looking utility oar for everyday use.
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  • Lengths: 5 feet through 8 feet
  • Approximate Blade Dimensions: 5" x 21" (6 feet)
  • Shaft Dimensions At Grip: 1-3/8", At Throat: 1-3/8"
  • Approximate Weight: 40 oz. (6 feet)
  • Standard Features: Varnish Finish


Quick Oar Length Estimate: Take half (1/2) the distance between the oar locks and multiply by 3, then add 6 inches.

BRAND: Caviness
Type: Oars
3.5 10

Very light, and very nice quality for the price


These are beautiful, and much lighter than I thought they would be. Finish is nice, maybe not the most premium you may get from an expensive oar dealer or something, but for my use they are perfect. Ordering online and shipping was an extremely smooth process.I am using them as a backup method of propulsion in case of engine trouble on my 14' wooden Tango skiff. They will do the trick for sure. Very nice product! Thanks Jamestown.




Wow just wahat I wanted


Wow I ordered a pair of the 8' oars and got them in about 4 days even though they were out of stock when I ordered. They are great. The finish is not furnature quality but is better than I expected. I may add a coat of varnish later. Great value and service for a hard to find item.I am looking forward to using them on my 14' deep vee rowboat.


Coral, MI


more than i ever thought was possible


i use the oars for river trips and love them. light weight, good control,and very comfortable. mine have a great finish and great wood grain. i did put two more coats of marine varnish on them for piece of mind. all oars should come with padded grips and these did em...

river rat



Good Value


Caviness Basswood Oars are a great value for the price. They are perfect fit for skiffing out to mooring and poking around the harbor. Admittedly the finish is disappointing and coarse. I found it more cost effective to improve this easily myself with a quick 180 grit sand and 2 overcoats of polyurethane. Any finish or paint will improve these oars to help prolong the life and integrity of wood. These oars are lightweight and stiff with a narrower shaft than older traditional oars. Solid hardwood oars typically cost twice to 3x as much. This oar meets expectations for value price. Oars and paddles are sold individually, not in pairs.

Capt. Mike

Bristol, RI


Oars don't match!


I have an 8-foot Caviness oar and ordered a second to have a pair. Unfortunately, the diameters and lengths don't match. This is very disappointing. The finish is minimal, but that is not a problem as I was planning to sand and finish both to match.


Lakeland, FL


Would not buy again.


These are crudely built and poorly finished. One was 1/2 inch longer and was not finished on the end. Grips were also 1/2 inch off. I may return them but the shipping is a problem. They will not make your dinghy look good.




Great Value!


I use them to row a 14' row boat I use for fishing. The oars are light weight so they are easy to handle.They could use additional finish coatings to protect and prolong the life of these oars.


Wilmington, MA


small diameter


First reviewer is right, the oars need another coat of poly on them. I don't know whay he rated something that would need hours of additional word as being 5 out of 5 stars.The shaft diameter is 1 5/16ths inches, which is smaller than most oar lock collars and oar locks. Now I have to buy new, smaller oar locks. You get what you pay for.


Charlestown, MD


Functional but mismatched wood colors


These oars are priced well and seem to be well constructed, other than the fact that they have almost no varish and the wood color is mismatched. This would not have been a problem to me had boath oars been the same, one was a solid color, the other had three diferent color pieces of wood glued together.[...]



Great rows.


I purchased these oars to replace a pair that I had had for years. The grandsons managed to lose one and one oar doesn't work real well. Factory finish is minimal so I will sand down and apply several layers of varnish. The wood working is excellant. Good value for the bucks spent.


Anderson, SC


Caviness Basswood Boat Oars



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