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Semco Teak Sealer

Semco teak sealer waterproofs and protects teak. This durable protectant maintains a protective coating through winter, eliminating the need for deep cleaning. Semco teak wood sealant goes on easy, dries quickly, and provides a non-slip finish.

Keeping exposed teak looking its best is challenging. Varnishes aren't ideal as the natural oils in this wood can cause blistering or peeling. Most common teak protectants are solvent and linseed oil based, and oxidize over time. The oxidization of surface oils causes teak wood to appear weathered or gray.

Semco teak sealer contains UV protection and a mildewcide to eliminate these problems. It can also be used to seal other woods such as cedar, oak, and pine, though you will need to varnish over it on those woods to achieve a glossy finish.

Choose from three popular shades: Cleartone, Natural, and Goldtone.

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  • Many sealers promise to protect wood and repel water. Semco does it without the side effect of creating a slippery surface.
  • Withstands staining, weathering and discoloring up to a year.
  • Because the treatment is easily renewed and usually lasts a season, you won't have to endure tedious deep cleaning normally associated with teak restoration
  • Manufacturer coverage specifications: 1 gallon Coverage is approx 200 sq ft for 1st coat or 400 sq ft for the 2nd coat.
  • Cleartone contains no pigment, looks like oil, and is not as weather resistant as the other shades.
  • Natural imparts a golden-tan glow to the wood that resembles slightly weathered teak.
  • Goldtone produces the reddish-brown luster of teak that has been freshly sanded.


BRAND: Semco
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Teak Sealer
4.4 44

The only sealer to ever use on teak


I love Semco teak sealer and Semco clear coat. For the past 10 years it is all I have used. Never use teak oil again.

Tony Z



I would buy it again


Looks great and easy to use


Lake villa il


I have used this product annually since 2000.


This product is great. I fix 50% clear with 50% goldstone and obtain a very pleasing result on the teak decks on my Legacy 40' Sedan Flybridge.


Amelia Island, FL


This worked well for me and my family.


I used this on my outside teak deck after thoroughly cleaning it and hand sanding rough areas. I sealed it with this and it left me with a beautiful color on the deck in combination with another pigmented sealant I also used. I combined it outside for a beautiful finish which my family members said made the deck looked like it did when I first got it installed.


Aiken, SC


I would buy this product again.


Very easy to apply with a rag.


Englewood, Florida


I have used this product on my teak for years now !!


We have a 1963 Rybovich teak with fore deck & cockpit (motoryacht)..Now I use Clear Color on my new deck (about 10 years old now) when I had the older deck (god knows how old) I used a combo of natural & clear to enhance the color..if you really like color add some gold ..often people use gold & complain about too much color. Give it a day or two before you see true finish. Deck always looks like there is no product on it and never gets black and is not slippery..It is easy to put on with a rag like water. It can be re-coated immediately. Can be cleaned & re-coated mid year or just let it go to a light gray which is also nice ( My husband like grey & I tan so it is a good compromise through the season. I do sand each season to reduce the hard wood & prevent trapping water. I don't find it damaging the black caulking ..


Hampton Bays, NY


Yes I will be buying this again


Use outdoors, strong smell. But work great


Long Beach Ca


This product is the best teak sealler


I use Semco on all my exterior teak on my trawler, and I have a lot. I have been using Semco for the last 20 years and always will


Poughkeepsie, NY


Waist of time and money


We applied 3 coats front and back of a brand new unfinished Teak patio table & chairs looked great but didn't last the first time it was rained on it discolored the second rain black mold formed in several places after re-sanding we applied Teak oil has held up 100 times belter and was a lot cheaper.


Wesley Chapel FL




Clean teak well first


Eliot ME

Semco Teak Sealer



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