Norton ProSand 5 inch Multi-Air, multi-hole sanding disc
Norton Norton
  • Norton ProSand 5 inch Multi-Air, multi-hole sanding disc
  • Norton ProSand 5 inch Multi-Air, multi-hole sanding discs, abrasive sandpaper disk
  • Norton ProSand 5 inch Multi-Air Cyclonic Design

Norton ProSand Multi Air 5 Inch Universal Sanding Discs

Norton ProSand Multi-Air 5" Universal Hook & Loop Sanding Discs have a multi-hole vacuum design that not only cuts faster and lasts longer, it requires fewer disc changes, and its unique, multi-hole pattern provides virtually dust-free sanding.

The premium, high-quality ceramic abrasive offers an exceptional cut on all surfaces. The fiber-reinforced latex/paper backing is strong, tear-resistant, and durable. Norton's patented universal multi-air cyclonic 246-hole pattern allows these discs to be used on any 5-inch random orbital hook and loop sander—even Festool—regardless of hole pattern. The discs last longer due to the unique resin bonding system that secures the abrasive to the fiber-reinforced backing and an anti-clog coating.

Multi-air discs are available in grits ranging from extra coarse to extra fine. Sold in packages of 10 discs.

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ProSand Multi-Air Cyclonic discs are the next generation of hook and loop vacuum sanding discs, and replace Norton's previous 3X technology. ProSand Multi-Air Cyclonic Discs offer a faster cut and longer sanding life than 3X.

ProSand Features & Benefits

  • Patented, ceramic alumina abrasive, P-graded (40-320)
  • Lasts longer than 3X and conventional aluminum oxide
  • Consistent finish, superior cut rate
  • Unique, fiber-reinforced backing
  • Resists edge tearing
  • Non-pigmented, water-based zinc stearate (anti-clog), open coat
  • Reduced loading
  • No finish contamination
  • Patented, universal vac hole pattern fits ALL 5 inch vacuum sanders.

Multi-Air Cyclonic Design Benefits

  • 246 holes in the multi-hole design pattern create a sanding surface that is virtually dust-free
  • Smaller holes put more abrasive on the sanding surface to expedite sanding jobs and reduce labor costs
  • Changing out discs less often increases productivity
Item Number  Grit  Grit Description  Quantity/Pack 
NOT-03225  P40  Extra Coarse  10 
NOT-03224  P60  Coarse  10 
NOT-03223  P80  Medium  10 
NOT-03222  P100  Medium  10 
NOT-03221  P120  Medium  10 
NOT-03219  P180  Fine  10 
NOT-03218  P220  Very Fine  10 
NOT-03217  P320  Extra Fine  10 
Even with the best dust free system it is impossible to eliminate 100% of all airborne dust particles while using power sanders. We always recommend safety equipment such as a respirator, safety glasses and gloves when using these products.
Attachment Type: Velcro
BRAND: Norton
Hole Pattern: Multi-Hole
Material: Ceramic Alumina
Type: Discs
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Long lasting


I'm getting ready to paint my boat. These are longer lasting than other brands I've tried including cheaper Norton. I'm never sure when their worn out enough to throw away.




Norton ProSand Multi Air 5 Inch Universal Sanding Discs



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