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Deks Olje is a two step wood finishing system that is much easier to apply and maintain than traditional varnish. D1 is applied first. Deks Olje D1 is a specially formulated penetrating oil that soaks deep into teak and other marine wood grain, producing a rich transparent matte finish. The oil helps strengthen wood against the deteriorating effects of sun, salt, wind, and foot traffic for increased durability. If you desire a matte finish similar to rubbed Tung oil, D1 is the only step necessary.

If you wish to continue to a high gloss finish, apply D2 over the D1. Deks Olje D2 is very easy to apply, and produces a hard, flexible gloss coating that doesn't chip or peel like varnish. Fully cured, D2 is slightly softer than traditional varnish but very easily maintained. You may blend seamless touchups to high wear areas with D2.

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Deks Olje penetrates wood, rather than simply coating the surface. It has no UV inhibitors, meaning it is a true clear finish that enhances the true beauty of wood underneath. The penetrating oil naturally strengthens wood fiber and prevents weathering degradation. For best results, first clean wood with Owatrol Wood Deck Cleaner.

Matte Finish Apply D1 to new or cleaned wood. D1 may also be overcoated with any other type of varnish. D1 is the first step continuing on with D2 high gloss application.

Satin Gloss Finish After first applying D1, apply two final coats of blended D1 & D2, 50:50 mix.

High Gloss Finish After first applying D1, finish with six coats of D2.

Why Deks Olje products are a favorite for JD customers:

  • Good product coverage, a little goes a long way
  • Easy application. Simply saturate wood with D1 then follow with D2
  • Simple Application tools : Brush or Roller. No need to use high end brushes required in fine varnish jobs
  • Forgiving Application temperature range : +41°F to +95°F
  • Drying time: 24 hr
  • Setting up time before use : 3 days
  • Easy Clean-up : Mineral-Spirits
  • Years of service with no stripping back to bare wood. Even if wood is badly neglected, cleaning and reapplication will restore original brightness.
  • Penetrating oils go deep. Water cannot get beneath surface. This means Deks Olje weathers but does not lift like varnish.
  • Easy seasonal touch-ups.
  • You don't have to be a professional applicator to get pro results

Ideal uses for Deks Olje D1 Penetrating Matte Finish

  • Exterior & interior use - Deck, hulls, trim, wheel house, furniture...
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Hardwoods and exotic tropical woods - Teak, Ipe, Bovinga, Bolondo, Iroko, Oak...
  • Excellent primer for traditional coatings both above and below the waterline.

Ideal uses for Deks Olje D2 Gloss Finish

  • Hardwoods and Exotic hardwoods - Teak, Ipe, Mahogany, Iroko, Bangkirai...
  • New or weathered wood.
  • Exterior use - Rubbing Strakes, Handrails, Wheel houses, booms, masts...
  • Interior use - Furniture, Seating, bulkheads...
  • Horizontal & Vertical surfaces

D1 Properties

  • Optimised for thick, dense, oily and difficult to impregnate woods.
  • Drives out moisture and air by penetrating deep into pores.
  • Protects against humidity and its effects.
  • Transparent - maintains the woods natural appearance.
  • Natural matt sheen finish (For a gloss finish topcoat with DEKS OLJE D.2).
  • Non film forming - No peeling, No flaking.
  • Easy maintenance - No stripping or sanding.
  • Can be applied above and below the water line.

D2 Properties

  • Flexible film that does not craze, peel or flake.
  • High gloss finish.
  • Highly transparent varnish - enhances the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Long term protection.
  • No sanding between coats.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy repair, no stripping.


BRAND: Owatrol
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Teak Finish
4.7 18

I have been buying this product for 30 plus years


I use this product on all my teak wood including my swim board ... It last all season in the sun and I lightly sand each year (8 month boating season ) and put on a couple of coats and I am good for another year. It has a real high gloss that lasts... Dislikes - the container is junk .... I transfer it to paint cans made in the USA that will re-seal. Do use #1 first to prep the wood before using #2


Marblehead, Ohio


Simply the best treatment for your boat's teak!


Deks Olje contains no pigment so the natural color and markings of your teak are displayed magnificently. It's is Incredibly easy to use. Wet on wet and no sanding needed between coats.


Harwich, MA


great product


I love this oil.My days of varnishing are over. I built a 16' wood Dory 12 years ago and this is all I use on any bright work which is floor boards, seats and rub rails. Goes on easy and fast. After awhile you won't need it every year case of build up.Great patina.This year I just wiped it lightly with a rag right out of can and ready to go.I like the satin for it goes with my boat.

ec johnny



We will continue to buy this product because it never fails.


We love this oil because it is easy to use and brings out great color in the wood. The Decks 2 is not as hard as a varnish coat but much easier to apply. We are leaving this in the Florida sun so it will require more maintenance. Thank you to Jamestown for shipping it so efficiently.

Barb & Jack Moore

Jupiter Florida


Great Stuff


Redid my teak grab rails and teak cockpit deck. Used D1 and D2 on the grab rails and just D1 on the teak decking. Both turned out just great.


Apollo Beach, Fl


I have used this in the past & happy that your store carries


I have used this before on my other boat teak & it is great I,m happy I found it at your store.


cape cod ,ma


I have been using Deks Olje for many years & its the best.


Deks Olje is best I have ever found to keep my teak looking good all year long.




Far superior treatment for old teak decks


2-3 coats seals the deck for one year

I don't like nicknames

Solomons, MD


Great Results!!!


I followed the manufacturers recommendations and the results were fantastic.I applied 5 coats over a pine deck


Brockville, Ontario


Long time user


I've used this for 20 years and keep using it primarily because of the ability to over coat year after year. However I've found that it's necessary to remove it and start over after 5 or 6 years because it will begin to release itself from the underlying wood. Removing is relatively easy with a heat gun and scraper. I'm currently on my third restart. Overcoating is necessary two or three times a year.




Owatrol Deks Olje



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