circa 1850 soft strip paint remover, soft paint stripper
Circa 1850 Circa 1850
  • circa 1850 soft strip paint remover, soft paint stripper

Circa 1850 Soft Strip

Circa 1850 Soft Strip is made without methylene chloride or NMP, and is an alternative way to effectively remove paint, varnish, shellac, lacquer and polyurethane from all your fine furniture, woodwork and metal. With its pleasant odor, Circa 1850 Soft Strip can easily be used indoors. Because it stays wet longer, you'll see it remove multiple layers with ease. Of course, it is non-flammable and biodegradable.
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Wear protective gloves and protective eye wear. Work in a well ventilated area. If using on a surface other than wood, metal, or masonry, test a small area first. Brush on a liberal amount of Circa 1850 Soft Strip. Wait at least 15 minutes for the finish to bubble or dissolve. Remove the dissolved finish using a brush or Circa 1850 Maple scraper to prevent gouging on wooden surfaces. If finish is exceptionally thick, and some residue remains, repeat the procedure a second time. When all the finish has been removed, wash down the surface with mineral spirits or water using medium (0) synthetic pad. Allow surface to dry thoroughly prior to refinishing.

BRAND: Circa 1850
Type: Paint Strippers
4.0 3

Soft but efficient


The product worked best for me after I let it do its job for 24 hours. Yes, it's true that the paint started bubbling after about 30 minutes - the cabinet doors I wanted to strip the paint off had two good layers on - but for best results, I came back the next day. The paint was coming right off, no scraping needed!


Montreal, QC


Makes a messy, hard job more pleasant!


I used this to strip some painted kitchen cabinet doors. The directions say to leave on for 15 minutes but I had to wait at least 45 to get the paint dissolved enough to scrape. Any stripping job is going to be messy and time consuming. Not worring about noxious fumes was my main reason for using this product. It actually smells very mild and pleasant.




Metal miniature/model stripping


I purchased this stripper on the recommendations of others who play various miniature games based on metal models. I had an "incident" with a bad primer job on my latest batch and wanted to remove the primer and start over.This product did admirably well - most of the primer started falling off within minutes, and by the time I left things standing for the fifteen minutes on the directions, I had no trouble at all removing the primer - minus the fact that this stuff on latex stripping gloves gives all the traction of wet soap, so I did drop my figure several times.The stripper rinses off very easily, and did not appear to damage either the superglue like glue (Zap a Gap is the brand), nor the green stuff I used on some of the joints. However, after a little while, it became apparent that the product was melting/dissolving the cheap plastic toothbrush I was using, and started to distort/melt the plastic bases of the two miniatures I was working with. To this day they still smell vaguely of the stripper, leaving me with some concerns that the stripper has somehow bonded into the plastic - which should make re-priming an interesting exercise.Overall I would still recommend this product - but do not soak the model in a pool of this stuff. Apply it just to the metal areas with a toothbrush you don't mind replacing :)


Cedar Park, TX


Circa 1850 Soft Strip



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