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Circa 1850 Tung Oil

Circa 1850 Tung Oil is a natural oil extracted from the nut of the oriental tung tree. Tung Oil has been used for centuries to protect and beautify wood.

Thinned for easier application, Circa 1850 Tung Oil penetrates deep into the pores of wood to strengthen the wood fibers to provide the low-luster, hand-rubbed finish you'd expect from a master craftsman. Circa 1850 Tung Oil protects wood from accidental spills and water marks. Made by Swing Paints.

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Avoid working in direct sunlight or wind. Circa 1850 Tung Oil is only to be applied onto bare, stained, or previously oiled wood surfaces - never over any other type of finish. Use Circa 1850 Furniture Cleaner to remove dirt and polish. Wipe on a liberal amount of Tung Oil using a lint-free cloth. Let the oil penetrate for at least 10 minutes and then wipe off the excess with a clean cloth. On open grain or oily woods, such as oak, ash, walnut, mahogany, etc., wipe again after 20 minutes. Let dry for 24 hours. To smooth out the surface between coats, buff lightly with Circa 1850 Finishing Pads or steel wool (0000). Apply a second coat in the same manner as the first. To obtain a finish that is a bit shinier, a third and fourth coat may be applied, always waiting 24 hours between coats.

BRAND: Circa 1850
Type: Tung Oil
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1850 Tung Oil


Love this product - quick and easy to apply and leaves a great finish. Jamestown Distributors is very fast at getting the product to you after ordering!!!!!

"Simp"ly Wood

Farmington, Maine


circa 1850 tung oil


this is the worst tung oil I'v ever used, if I still had the box and packing I;d sent it back for a refund.

Terry Ledbetter

Marion SC


Maple and Oak Floors


Instructions are on point. Apply tung oil with sponge mop diluted with turpentine or citrus oil, half and half first coat, then dilute more. Less is better. Apply and wipe up excess with lint free cloth within 10 minutes as per the instructions. Get beautiful aged finish, not glossy.


Beaufort, SC


False Advertising


I purchased this product under the asumption that it was pure tung oil only to find it was a mix of oils. I was needing approx. 36 gal to put on my house. It would be helpful if the product was not labeled tung oil if in fact it is not.


Slocomb, AL


excellent finish


The finish with this product is superior to any other. With several coats the patina on new wood looks aged. It is a wonderful product.

Bob the finisher

Chestertown, Md


No doubt a great product.


This product is fast and easy to work with. Great penetration, brought out the color and grain of my ash paneling.


Oakham, MA


I plan to use this product again!


Cleaned wooden cabinets in kitchen with tsp, touched up stain, then applied circa 1850 tung oil. Just wiped on...no need to empty cabinets, no paint brush , no sanding between coats....So easy and really superior results! I am planning to try on woodwork and more in the future...Make sure you get the 100% tung oil...it may not be as "hardy" as some other finishes, but it sure is easy!


Leominster MA


satin smooth finish


I wanted to finish the mahogany of the interior of my boat with a soft, warm feel not the hard glossy look typical of gloss varnishes. Using this oil on bare wood surfaces has resulted in a wonderfully soft-to-the-touch, low sheen, moisture resistant finish as well as revealing the inherent beauty of the wood.I have learned techniques that fill the pores easily and with each subsequent application the oil brings the wood to life.

Bill the painter

Ithaca, New York


Circa 1850 Tung Oil



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