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AWAB 316 Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

AWAB hose clamps are made of Swedish 316 stainless steel with chrome nickel plating for ultimate corrosion resistance. Non-perforated bands are significantly less susceptible to breakage. Rolled/rounded edges reduce the risk of leakage by being gentle on the hose. Conventional or cheap clamps lack this feature and can easily cut hoses (with disastrous results) if overtightened.

All AWAB clamps are designed to provide high clamping force and 360° sealing force around the hose when tightened. Their high quality design allows them to be reused many times.

All clamps are sold individually, except Sizes 112, 120, 186, and 200, which are sold per box of 10.

NOTE: The clamp pictured has an AWAB Red Vinyl Tail Tip installed. (Item No. AWA-125015P) Tail Tips are not furnished with the clamps but are available separately, packaged (25) per bag.

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Some AWAB 316 hose clamp sizes are on back order, with the manufacturer unable to provide a firm availability date. We recommend Scandvik ABA 316 Stainless Steel Hose Clamps as a suitable alternative if the AWAB clamp you need is not in stock.

Tech Tip:

All critical hose connections should be double clamped at both ends. Ideally, the hose clamp screws should be mounted opposite one another for maximum security. Use the highest quality AWAB hose clamps for longest life and best performance.


  • Best option for sealing hoses below the waterline or in critical areas.
  • Smooth inner surface protects silicone and other soft hoses from damage and possible leaking.


Item No.  Size  Minimum (inch)  Maximum (inch)  Range MM  Fits Hose Size 
AWA-316012  Mini  29/64  33/64 
AWA-319014  3 (3/8" Wide)  5/16  9/16  8-14  1/4", 5/16" & 3/8" fuel  
AWA-319017  7/16  3/4  11-17  3/8", 1/2" fuel  
AWA-316020  1/2  13/16  13-20 
AWA-316024  5/8  15/16  15-24 
AWA-316028  10  3/4  1-1/8  19-28 
AWA-316032  12  7/8  1-1/4  22-32 
AWA-316038  16  1-1/16  1-1/2  26-38 
AWA-316044  20  1-1/4  1-3/4  32-44 
AWA-316050  24  1-1/2  38-50 
AWA-316057  28  1-1/4  2-1/4  32-57 
AWA-316064  32  1-1/2  2-1/2  38-64 
AWA-316070  36  1-3/4  2-3/4  44-70 
AWA-316076  40  51-76 
AWA-316083  44  2-1/4  3-1/4  57-83 
AWA-316089  48  2-1/2  3-1/2  64-89 
AWA-316095  52  2-3/4  3-3/4  70-95 
AWA-316102  56  76-102 
AWA-316108  60  3-1/4  4-1/4  83-108 
AWA-316114  64  3-1/2  4-1/2  89-114 
AWA-316127  72  3-1/2  89-127 
AWA-316140  80  5-1/2  102-140 
AWA-316152  88  4-1/2  114-152 
AWA-316165  96  6-1/2  127-165 
AWA-316178  104  5-1/2  140-178 
AWA-316191  112  7-1/2  152-191 
AWA-316203  120  6-1/2  165-203 
AWA-316308  186  10-5/8  12-1/8  270-308 
Metal: Stainless Steel 316
Type: Hose Clamps
4.1 8

Product is not as advertised


I ordered box of the mini clamps. They are advertised as 316 stainless, not true, I received them. And they are 304 stainless.


Houston, TX


awab hose clamps


Best choice. However, Defender sells the same product of almost 1/2 the price !!!!! Should have canceled my order.


Washington, NC


Works great


Works great with no worries of cutting into the hose.




great clamp


Quick ship, good price, appears of excellent quality, box supplied for storage. Product installed easely - allowed for small pressure to be increased in icrements without busting hose.


Fort Walton, Beach, Fl


If the application is critical, use thes


For below the waterline or sanitation hoses this is the only choice you should make.

Sea Moose

Great Lakes


clamps to save the neighbors pool


Noticed water gushing off my neighbors roof. Checked their's half empty! Yikes. Well, their pool water is pumped through a series of rooftop solar heating panels, coupled together using typical plumbing variety stainless hose clamps. Being beachside and in a very salty environment, one of the clamps cracked at a rust weakened area and resulted in a massive leak. There's 40 of those clamps up there. So, I ordered four boxes of these 316 stainless AWAB clamps and swapped them all out. A stitch in time, they're relieved, and I jump in their pool whenever I want.


Cocoa Beach Florida


Odd Size Nut


I thought I could use a 1/4" nut driver but it's a metric size so I dig out a 7mm socket for my wrench.


Northport, NY


Best hose clamps around


The smooth inner surface does not cut into the hose like cheaper clamps. All 316 stainless gives the best life and corrosion resistance. The red tail tips are a good addition.


Exeter, RI


AWAB 316 Stainless Steel Hose Clamps



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