#10 Silicon Bronze Wood Screws Frearson Flat Head
  • #10 Silicon Bronze Wood Screws Frearson Flat Head

#10 Bronze Wood Screws Flat Head Frearson

#10 Silicon Bronze Frearson Flat Head wood screws appear similar to the Phillips head but the Frearson has a more pointed V shape. The Frearson tool recess is a perfect cross which minimizes cam out, unlike the Phillips head, which is designed to cam out.

Traditional boatbuilders love these Silicon Bronze wood screws because they have cut threads and the full-bodied diameter shank. Unlike rolled thread screws with their reduced shank--these screws have a shank diameter that is the same size as the outside of the threads. This completely fills the clearance hole normally drilled for the shank thus creating a waterproof seal.

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Silicon Bronze is the traditional choice for marine construction. It is corrosion resistant, helps prevent rot around the screw holes when used under water, and is relatively strong. Although stronger than Solid Brass, Silicon Bronze screws are not as strong as Stainless Steel. They require a carefully sized pilot hole to avoid breakage. We recommend drilling twice (once for the root and once for the shank) as well as using a fastener lubricant to avoid breakage.

BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Driver: Frearson
Fastener Type: Wood Screws
Head: Flat Head
MET / STD: Standard
Metal: Silicon Bronze
Type: Screws Bolts
4.3 8

Plastic versus Paper


Working on restoring a 1970 58 ft. Trumpy and needed an assortment of various sizes of silicon bronze screws. The screws are great however the packaging is disappointing! JD used to send all silicon bronze screws in cardboard boxes marked as to type and size. Now they are shipping them in plastic bags. This is not nearly as convenient for storage of the screws! So, now we have more plastic bags in the world and poorer method of storage. The only winner here might be JD as I'm sure their cost is less for plastic bags vs. cardboard boxes.


Boston, MA


good screws


great screws, but i had to order some bits to drive them, didn't find any locally


atlanta ga


Exactly the product I hoped for


I'm using these screws in my first venture into boat building. The delivery was prompt and the item is perfect.




Update to original review...


Since I can't see a way to edit the original review, I'm adding a second review as an update. I've found a way to make use of the screws. First I should say I am (so far) driving these screws in places where I've already epoxied the joint and it has set while clamped. The wood is white oak and it's very dry. I say all that to say that there is zero movement in the joint and that the screw can't tighten it and can't sink into the wood beyond where I've drilled the countersink - so there's no good reason to crank down hard on the screws. I'm just putting them in as a secondary fastener.So here's what I did:1) Drilled the pilot hole slightly larger.2) Drilled the shank hole slightly larger.3) Lubed the threads with soap.4) Drive the screw with a brace & bit - stopping when the head hits bottom of the countersink.This isn't as satisfying as feeling like I've really snugged it down, but it's better than nothing.I would recommend - with reservations.




Saving History


We ordered these screws for use on an 1880s cypress rowboat that we are restoring for the Beauvoir Museum. Jamestown Distributors' Tech Help personnel have been great with advice for every step of the project, especially the caulking of the seams




What can I say, they are screws!


These are Frearson head, not Phillps. Suggest you order the correct driver if you don't have one.




Corrosion on delivered screws.


I ordered several different sizes and types of bronze screws at the same time. One box, out of eight, contained screws that apparently had been subjected to salt water or something that caused corrosion of the screwheads and shafts. The corrosion was easily removed with a wire brush but I suspect these screws were exposed to salt water at some point prior to shipment.




Frearson beats phillips


Using this product knowing it will last.


Brighton, Michigan


#10 Bronze Wood Screws Flat Head Frearson



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