#16 Flat head slotted bronze wood screws made of silicon bronze
  • #16 Flat head slotted bronze wood screws made of silicon bronze

#16 Bronze Wood Screws Flat Head Slotted

#16 Flat head slotted bronze wood screws. Traditional boatbuilders love these Silicon Bronze wood screws because they have cut threads and the full-bodied diameter shank. Unlike rolled thread screws with their reduced shank, these screws have a shank diameter that is the same size as the outside of the threads. This completely fills the clearance hole normally drilled for the shank thus creating a waterproof seal. Remember to drill a body hole for the screw shank and a pilot hole for the threads. All screws are threaded for 2/3 of the shank.
(1 bx contains 100 ea)
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Silicon Bronze is the traditional choice for marine construction. It is corrosion resistant, helps prevent rot around the screw holes when used under water, and is relatively strong. Although stronger than Solid Brass, Silicon Bronze screws are not as strong as Stainless Steel. They require a carefully sized pilot hole to avoid breakage. We recommend drilling twice (once for the root and once for the shank) as well as using a screw lubricant to avoid breakage.
BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Driver: Slotted
Fastener Type: Wood Screws
Head: Flat Head
MET / STD: Standard
Metal: Silicon Bronze
Type: Screws Bolts
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I don't know if these are any good


I ordered #16x4 inch 6 weeks ago. Ship date is past and no response to my request of when I will get them. Maybe they are great but I sure wish I ordered from someone else. My advice is to phone and ask if they have them. When I ordered they said they ship in 5 days. When I first inquired they said they were backordered and they would ship on a week ago. No reply to a follow up inquiry,


Palo Alto, CA

Great product, excellent quality,


Perfect to fasten the patternmakers vise to the 2 1/2 " maple top.


agua dulce ca.

#16 Bronze Wood Screws Flat Head Slotted



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