#2 Brass Wood Screws Flat Head Slotted

Brass Wood Screws
Flat Head Slotted Drive

These Brass Wood Screws have cut threads and the full-bodied diameter shank desired by boatbuilders. Unlike rolled thread screws with their reduced shank--these screws have a shank diameter that is the same size as the outside of the threads. This completely fills the clearance hole normally drilled for the shank thus creating a waterproof seal.
(1 bx contains 100 ea) IN STOCK - Available for pickup
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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
Driver: Slotted
Fastener Type: Wood Screws
Head: Flat Head
MET / STD: Standard
Metal: Brass
Type: Screws Bolts
4.5 2

Great small screws


Had no problem using these screws but it turned I really needed a 5/8 screw (which is not available -yet)- yes you can cut a 3/4 in to size and maintain a good screw lead


Columbia, MD


Hard to find #2-3/4


I would love to also find some #2 Brass Finish Washers to go with these screws.I use small brass screws a lot. And, in this case I was restoring an antique item and needed 3/4" long #2 screws, with a slotted round top. I couldn't find the round top anywhere, so I settled for these screws since at least they were the right size. I use a pilot hole, and they were very durable, and I haven't broken a single screw yet, which is amazing with a such a small brass screw, especially with it's length. [...]

Mark DeCou

Elmdale, Kansas USA


#2 Brass Wood Screws Flat Head Slotted



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