#12 Brass Wood Screws Flat Head Slotted

Brass Wood Screws
Flat Head Slotted Drive

These Brass Wood Screws have cut threads and the full-bodied diameter shank desired by boatbuilders. Unlike rolled thread screws with their reduced shank--these screws have a shank diameter that is the same size as the outside of the threads. This completely fills the clearance hole normally drilled for the shank thus creating a waterproof seal.
(1 bx contains 100 ea)
$23.18 / bx
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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Driver: Slotted
Fastener Type: Wood Screws
Head: Flat Head
MET / STD: Standard
Metal: Brass
Type: Screws Bolts
2.0 1

Wrong Screws For Cleats in same Purchase


Purchased high quality screw but did not fit either cleat size that I purchased with it. Screws are too expensive to send back. I now have 100 screws that I won't use. I ordered the 3" and 4" cleats. The screws didn't fit either one and were way too short. An email may have been in order to ask if these were the screws that I actually wanted for the cleats that I bought. There was no indication of how long the screws needed to be.Or given a recommendation for the screws that I should be buying. I am sure that I am not the first one who ran into this same problem. Shipping costs are outrageous.


Surprise, AZ


#12 Brass Wood Screws Flat Head Slotted



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