stainless steel lock nuts
  • stainless steel lock nuts

S/S Lock Nuts

Stainless Steel Lock Nuts are also known as nylon lock nuts, self-locking nuts, nylon insert lock nuts and Nyloc nuts. Nylon lock nuts are designed to increase the locking force and prevent the nut from working loose. The internal nylon ring has no threads cut into it; it is forced to deform around the threads as the nut is twisted on, ensuring a tight grip on the thread.

For sizes 1/4-20 and larger, anti-seize thread lubricant is needed to prevent galling and breaking fastener.

1 bx and more
(1 bx contains 100 ea)
$3.39 / bx
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BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Material: Nylon
MET / STD: Standard
Metal: Stainless Steel
Nut Type: Lock Nuts
Type: Nuts
4.0 3

Save time / locks tight


I use these with s/s bolts on my boats. They work great with not having bolts loosening up.


new London NC


Mike- Something wrong here - can't finis


Mike-This product was fine but I was disappointed not to be given a back order date for the balance of my order, extra shipping charges on some of the back ordered parts and finally the inability to fill the last item of my order. These were small items but still they were important to my production.


Haddam, CT

Tiny Lock Nuts Hold Tight


Needed to secure a bolt in a fan used for dance. The hinge got heavy use and the regular nut would come loose and fall off. Using two nuts together wouldn't do the trick so I went looking for a lock nut. Finding the size I needed was a challenge. Not everyone stocks a #4-40. Found this site and waited for a backorder to come in and couldn't be happier with what I received. I'll use this little gem in my woodworking projects, too.


Warminster, PA


S/S Lock Nuts



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