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Rose Head Copper Nails

Traditional Rose head copper cut nails are used with matching copper roves to form a copper rivet. These nails are extremely robust, easy to drive and when the wood fibers become damp and swell, will never work loose.

Copper Roves are slightly conical washers. A copper nail is hammered through the joint, a rove is pushed over the end (concave side inward) and the nail is peened over forming a copper rivet. Also similar to clinch or clench nailing. Copper rivets are often utilized in classic planked wooden boat construction.

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Nail Gauge  Use Rove Item No.  Rove OD (inch)  Head Diameter 
14  NCRV14  5/16"  .165 in 
13  NCRV13  3/8"  .20 in 
12  NCRV12  7/16"  .235 in 
Traditional copper cut nails used with matching copper roves. These nails are extremely robust, easy to drive and when the wood fibers become damp and swell, will never work loose.

Riveting is a matter of through nailing two pieces of wood, slipping a washer over the pointed end of the nail, pushing it down the shank against the wood and then nipping off the excess nail leaving just enough excess to peen over the washer to lock it tight.

All copper riveted connections are made using two parts: nails; called the "rivet" and washers; called "burrs" or "roves". The rivets are generally just copper common nails; however, European boat-builders generally prefer the conical head and square shank of the Rosehead Boat Nail. Either way, the nail goes into the slightly undersized pre-drilled holes and through the pieces of wood to be joined. A burr with a slightly undersized center hole; to provide an interference fit, is then placed over the nail point to be driven down the nail shank. At this point you will need a Rove Set tool. We offer one here but you can make your own with a piece of rounded hardwood or a 1" hardwood dowel about 6" long. Drill a hole in one end, on center into the end grain deep enough to accommodate the exposed length of nail and size it slightly larger in diameter than the nail shank, and now you have a Rove set.

A heavy back-up tool is required to "buck-up" the head of the nail prior to setting the burr and forming the completed connection. We offer a heavy (4) pound hammer with a short handle suitable for this application. Now, to make the copper rivets connection, first tap the nail through the pre-drilled pieces of wood to be joined and back-up the head with the "buck" hammer. Next, place the burr over the nail and drive it down the exposed nail shank using the rove set tool applying light taps from a hammer. The burr should seat firmly against the wood. Using a set of diagonal cutters nip off the excess nail leaving about a nail diameter in length beyond the burr to peen over. Holding the "buck" hammer hard against the nail head, take a lightweight ball-peen hammer (STN-54016) and start tapping with the flat end to mushroom over the cut nail stub. Finally using the rounded end of the ball-peen hammer tap the mushroomed stub around the edges forming the end to lock down the burr and draw up the connection.

BRAND: Davey
Fastener Type: Nails
MET / STD: Standard
Metal: Copper
Type: Nails
4.8 13

These are terrific nails, at a good price.


My use was not the standard application. I am repairing an old barn and needed to patch several knot holes in the wide vertical boards. I cut patches from sheet copper and attached them using the Rose Head nails. Worked perfectly.


North East Pennsylvania




I am finding that several of the nails have need of filing off a burr at the tip. I was not observant enough at first and ruined a piece had all but completed. Love rose headed copper but wished the heads were bigger and than there were no burrs that needed filling before use.Also, wished the website description didn't mislead as to actual number of nails/box and not misstating it was a pound you were paying for.




Great product, just what I needed.0


My company does custom metalwork projects and used these nails on custom copper countertops to secure the copper sheet on the underside. These nails didn't deform and stay in place securely.


Detroit, MI


I would recommend these copper nails Great product



mushroom Joe

McAdoo Pa.


Solid copper nails


Good for decorative woodworking.



Exactly right


Needed to do some temp repair to a 1941 Thompson Cedar Strip rowboat. Worked great!


Lake Martin, Alabama


Real Copper Nails


Still in the work stage of a small project we have not noticed any rust from the roof using rose head copper nails, the former copper plate nails rusted with the first week of hard rain. Bought these in a web search for my aging husband. He is very pleased with them , though he thought they were pricey. We will be purchasing more for him soon. No complaints yet and we have had rain.

For Butch

Gloucester Va.


Copper rules


I used these nails on an interior project. I hammered copper sheet and installed it as a decorative kitchen element.






Great product-used in home wood craft.




Great Looking Fastners


Used these to attach copper caps i designed for vertical timbers on benches on a waterfront landing. the result was very stunning in part because of these nails.


Annapolis md


Rose Head Copper Nails



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