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Copper Slate Nails

Copper Roofing Nails

Slating (Roofing) Nails have a large, flat head, annular ring and diamond points. The copper roofing nails are frequently used for copper flashing applications, and during slate, tile roofing installations.

Copper Slating Nails are often used with Copper Burrs, also known as copper washers, to create a traditional copper rivet, similar to clinch or clench nailing. The large diameter heads are typically used with softer woods. Copper rivets are utilized in classic planked wooden boat construction.

See the "Burr Size Selector" chart below for burr and nail assembly suggestions.

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Nail Gauge #  Nail Shank Dia (inch)  Head Dia (inch)  Burr Loose Fit (#)  Burr ID Loose Fit (inch)  Burr Tight Fit (#)  Burr ID Tight Fit (inch) 
12  0.109  11/32"  12  0.124  13  0.100 
11  0.120  3/8"  12  0.124 
10  0.134  7/16"  10  0.138  12  0.124 
BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Fastener Type: Nails
MET / STD: Standard
Metal: Copper
Type: Nails
5.0 6

Everything was great


Really appreciate Jamestown. I get copper nails for my light fixtures that I can not find other places.Here is my website with some of my copper work.


Dripping Springs, Texas


Authentic Copper Nails for Resoration of Vintage Criss~Craft


I used the Copper Slate nails to refer bush the padded area of a vintage 1950s wooden boat cradle. The nails worked perfectly to secure canvas batting over natural felt pads. The copper should patina with age giving me the classic feel I have been seeking.

Cowpoke bob

Chicago Illinois


I would buy this product again and again


I made a built in cabinet and wanted a copper top with an aircraft rivet look. Rivets proved too difficult to install so I opted for copper nails and it worked out wonderful. Accepted a rich patina like the copper sheeting. Looks great! Just need a short nail with a broad head and a lots of them!


Fallbrook, CA


Excellent product


I used these to dress up pulley blocks I made for a pirate pontoon.

Kevin the NE pirate



Great product!!


Hard to find Coppper nails locally without a bunch of time wasting leg work. I usually end up buying other things I don't need. Great product

G Shopster

Spokane, washington


You have hard to find item.


Great quality product. Hard to find locally. Fair price. [...]What more could I ask for. I will get back to you for fiberglass needs on other projects. Please keep me on mailing or catalog list. Steve Clark


Western Arkansas


Copper Slate Nails



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