Cedar Wood Bungs, cedar wood plugs
  • Cedar Wood Bungs, cedar wood plugs

Cedar Wood Bungs / Plugs

Cedar bungs and plugs are ideal for covering or filling wood screws in cedar. Chamfered wood plugs are perfect for applications where finished appearance is important. The flat grained orientation of these plugs will allow you to match the grain and disguise the unwanted screw hole. Other sizes and woods available.
(1 bx contains 500 ea)
$82.76 / bx
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Material: Cedar
Type: Bungs and Plugs
3.5 4

uh....I'm not sure how to review cedar bungs...


...they work as expected...


Beach Haven, NJ


Not very good


Since I didn't want to buy the equipment to cut my own plugs, there was little choice in buying these hard-to-find cedar plugs for a lawn chair I was building. They smell great. Unfortunately many of them are very rough, and sanding even slightly wrecks the roundness so that it doesn't look as good in filling the hole. Not worth the price--better to make your own.


West Chester, PA


Just what i needed


Used the product to fill screw holes in a chair. Way better than cutting all of them myself.


new jersey


Cedar Wood Bungs


The product worked well. However, I wanted red cedar plugs. Majority of the plugs were white grain cedar. It looks ok. However, I wanted the plugs to blend into the red cedar that was used on my wood ice chest. I am disappointed, but will live with the results.

tx vader

austin, texas


Cedar Wood Bungs / Plugs



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