Pine Wood Bungs, Pine Wood Plugs
  • Pine Wood Bungs, Pine Wood Plugs

Pine Wood Bungs / Plugs

Chamfered pine wood plugs are perfect for when the finished appearance is important. The flat grained orientation of these plugs will allow you to match the grain and disguise the unwanted screw hole.
(1 bx contains 500 ea) IN STOCK - Available for pickup
$99.21 / bx
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BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Material: Pine
Type: Bungs and Plugs
3.0 2

Do not buy pine bungs from Jamestown


I ordered 300 3/8" pine bungs from Jamestown. I was short shipped by at least 30 bungs. The grain was almost imperceptable resulting in chipping, and many of the bungs failed to take a stain in my refinished pine floors. A rush trip to Hamilton Marine in ME got me the extra bungs needed, all with perfect grain, easily chiseled and took a perfect stain. Enough said.

Frustrated remodeler

Plymouth NH


Consistently work great - back for more year after year


While recessed screws are a pain no matter how you slice it, the plugs fit great, sand down easily, and the smooth finish is worth the trouble. Nowhere else can I get them as fast, consistent, and inexpensively. Thanks, Jamestown!

Chris "Pain in the Deck" Klimecky

Seattle, WA


Pine Wood Bungs / Plugs



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